Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ethan

Wow- my little baby is officially a year old. We were going to document the exact moment of his 1 year birthday, but Daniel fell asleep and I got distracted, so we were a few minutes late. oh well.

Ethan had a good first birthday- we missed church this morning, due to extreme tiredness. I did make it to the gym eventually, as did Daniel, and Ethan and Daniel went to Mandarin lessons, but otherwise, not much was done. It was LOVELY. Ethan had his birthday cake while talking on the computer with his grandmother, his great-grandmother, and her twin sister. His great-grandmother and her twin sister celebrate their 82 birthday tomorrow, happy birthday to them! My grandmother was so disappointed last year that Ethan missed their birthday by a few hours- I informed her that after a week of trying to get Ethan out, there was no way that baby was staying inside for even one minute longer!

Growing up so fast
I'm so cute!
Officially one year old. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much.


Jen said...

Happy birthday Ethan!! I am so glad that you guys had a great day!!

maggie said...

Happy birthday little guy!

AZMom said...

He is too cute!! He shares a birthday with my DH ;-)

Happy Birthday Ethan!!