Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling emotional

It's August today. My baby was born in August. This means that he is almost a year old!!! Seriously!!! How did this happen?

This was a really rough afternoon for me. I didn't get to really see Ethan much before leaving for work this morning, so I was missing him all day. Due to the work crisis yesterday, I had extra hours done already, so got to leave early. I did a quick workout at the gym (cannot lift my arms!) and then headed to daycare to pick up my sweet baby. My sweet baby who took one look at me and started crying, because he was playing outside with his friends and knew that I had arrived to take him away from the fun. Knife right through mommy's heart. I knew he was tired (he doesn't nap at daycare) and that he loves playing with his friends, but still it hurt. Ouch.

Daniel totally didn't get it. He said something logical like "Ethan didn't mean it, he just wanted to play." Whatever. I know that. But it's still no fun to be rejected by your little one.

We had a good rest of the afternoon after Ethan got a nap and a nice dinner at SushiLand. Then I had the bright idea that Daniel and I should have some quality couple time and chat while working on a puzzle. I forgot that he's a "focus on whatever he's working on and nothing else" kind of puzzle person and I have the attention span of a hummingbird. Right now he's sorting through the pieces and muttering to himself. And you can see what I'm doing. So much for quality couple time.

Now I'm off to watch slideshows of Ethan's first year. And sniffle into Kleenex, because my baby has gotten so big! (about 19 pounds, according to my unofficial weigh-in of him and me this morning). Not so gigantic, I know, but way up from where we were a year ago. Still really cute though :)

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