Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeding issues

This is a picture of how Ethan ate dinner tonight:

That's right. In the bathtub. Mid-bath.

There comes a point in time in parenthood where you say "screw it all, I'm just going to have to do whatever works." We're having some pretty bad feeding issues here. Ethan does NOT want finger food and he does NOT want baby food and he does NOT want a bit of whatever we're eating and he certainly does NOT want his bottle or a sippy cup or something from a straw and how dare we insult him by trying to feed him these things. And when we try to make him sit and eat in his high chair, it inevitably results in screaming (him) and vomiting (him) and crying (me). So, we're just going to do whatever works for now. But any advice would be much appreciated.

He still has lots of energy and seems fine. Just not hungry. He does have his 1 year appointment next Thursday and we'll ask the doctor for advice then. Hopefully she'll have an answer or he'll start eating again before then!

In other news, I have a fridge full of birthday cupcakes. And a forecast of rain for Saturday, but we're ignoring that.


carrie said...

Seriously, if this has only been going on for a short time, I wouldn't worry too much.

Set him in his high chair, or whatever you use, at family mealtimes, with a good selection of food he can feed himself. When the mealtime is over, take the food away. Repeat. Do the same for snacks. Sooner or later, he'll cave and if not, if he isn't thriving, then talk to your doctor.

Sometimes kids just have to do these things to test us, keep us on our toes. I am sure that is all it is, and when he gets hungry enough, he'll eat. :)

Erin said...

I second what Carrie says.

Bear in mind that as the kids get into toddler-age they 1) require less food to sustain their (limitless) energy and 2) begin to test your will and their boundaries. This could be the beginning of that.

I would advise you NOT make a big deal out of how much he does/does not eat. If he doesn't eat, fine. If he does, fine. Food battles = NO FUN!

Hope he stops with the hunger strike soon!

PS: we had a birthday party on Saturday and a forecast of rain, too. Our party turned out great - lots of sun, nice and warm. hope yours was the same!