Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coloring on Mommy's deposition

I had ONE thing to accomplish at work today. One. I had to read a long deposition and summarize it. That's all. Nothing else on my to-do list. But when I got in this morning, I couldn't track down the person with the deposition, so I had to do other little tasks while I waited. Then I finally got going, only to be pulled back into some ongoing drama from another project. And then when I cleared everything off my desk and inbox and really got going again....the phone rang. It was daycare. Ethan had been screaming uncontrollably for several hours and showed no sign of stopping. Ethan rarely cries and never at daycare. He loves being around the other babies and is always in a good mood. So they were a little freaked out.

So I left work (deposition in purse) and headed to daycare to get Ethan. And he was a mess. I've never seen him so upset. Poor thing. It was really scary. Fortunately he finally fell asleep and woke up happy and ready to play. Have you ever tried to read legal documents and entertain a 1 year old at the same time? No? Be grateful.

We finally settled on the fun game of "steal Mommy's papers and crumple them up", which kept him entertained for a while. I managed to keep it to pages I was done with, which was good.
Now he's coloring (rolling the crayons over and occasionally trying to eat a crayon) on the pages I'm done with, while I still try to summarize. And I have lots and lots of pages left to read. But the ones I've already read are all pretty with crayon marks now :) More joys of a working mom. This is a tough gig some days.

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MamaBear said...

Oh, the joys of a work at home mom. My office has been at home for 10 years ... and I brought up three babies along the way. There were many days in those early years when I truly could not imagine how I was going to make it to bedtime. They are all school-aged now, and honestly ~ although the days just crawled by ~ the years have flown.

Hang in there. You're making lots of memories you can tell your grandchildren about someday!