Friday, July 25, 2008

Yeah, he's going to regret telling me

My beloved (who I have barely spoken to all week, since he's busy with his new job), made the colossal mistake of telling me that he uses Skype chat at work. He even said that I should download it at my office so that we could talk.

BIG mistake. Did I mention I've hardly spoken to him all week? He's been busy, and they have a switchboard at his office, so I'm scared to call, because I have a fear of talking on the phone to strangers/people I know (long story).

I keep sending him questions and random comments and emoticons. He's probably starting to feel sort of like I did this morning when Ethan was following me around the condo and tugging on my pant legs and being generally cute but a little clingy.

He keeps ignoring my chat messages. He's "working" or something. Whatever. :)

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