Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We need a vacation

I would describe the last few weeks of our lives for you, but I'm afraid it would wear you out. But here's the big picture. We've seen, at various times in the past two weeks, 3 friends that I worked with when I was a missionary in Ukraine (two different sets of people, who randomly came to Seattle at the same time), 9 friends of Daniel's from Canada who randomly happened to come to Seattle the same weekend as my friends from Ukraine, and 21 relatives of mine who are all in town at the same time and who we've been trying to meet up with as often as possible.

This weekend we're going to Canada so that we can see Daniel's parents, brother and his future wife, as well as meet up with Daniel's friends whom we havent seen since our wedding. Oh and then meet up with a dear friend of mine; we saw her last at our wedding and she's randomly going to be in Vancouver this weekend as well.

*Blinking with tiredness.* In the midst of all of this, Daniel's been looking for a job and has gone on 3 interviews, with 1 more today and 1 scheduled for next week. I'm not sure where exactly he would have time to work if he did get a job though. I cant see how that would work with our schedule.

The weather here is glorious though, which is nice to be able to finally say. Yesterday Ethan and I walked over to Seattle Center for lunch with some of my relatives, then went to the Children's Museum for the first time. It totally is the coolest place, so we're going to have Daniel's parents get us a membership for Ethan's birthday. He doesnt need more stuff, really, so this will be a great alternative. And we went for a walk around Green Lake in the evening and let Ethan play in the wading pool for the first time. He wasnt sure about it at first, but then tried to dive in once he figured out that he liked the water.

Today is going to be a quiet workday. I hope. Thank goodness for work. It's the only chance I get to relax :)


maggie said...

Gah! Was at the wading pool yesterday! Must meet up!

Ashley said...

That does sound crazy busy! Wow, you live close enough to the Seattle Center to walk there?? I'm jealous! I have to deal with the drive from Lynnwood and the parking hassle. I've never been to the Children's Museum but have been wanting to go. Does it have enough stuff for babies to do?

Anonymous said...

WOW - thats a lot of people!!!