Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying to come up with the energy to remain seated


Have I mentioned how in awe I am of you who are home every day? Seriously? Ethan and I went downtown this morning on the monorail. The bus is cheaper and closer to home, but I had a stroller full of stuff that I didn't feel like juggling on the bus. So we rode the monorail with multitudes of tourists to downtown. Bought theatre tickets (we're going to see Shrek the Musical when my parents are here!), went to the post office, enjoyed story time at the downtown library. Then back home, where Ethan crawled around the condo at speeds that I never imagined he could move.

My uncle dropped off a bunch of clothes and toys today too (his kids are 5 and 2.5). We inherit stuff from them every so often. Half of it is back in a pile to go to Goodwill. We just don't have the space to keep everything. And I don't want Ethan to have too many toys. Especially since he would rather play with the cats/their pillow/cords to the lamps. It was fun to see him play with some new things though. They kept his attention for a few minutes before he was off to crawl under the table and get the cat pillow.

Now I'm in that bad stage, where I'm too tired to stay up and too tired to come up with the energy to get ready for bed. This often leads to hours of playing on the computer :) Ah, logic.

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Lizzie said...

There are some great resale mommy and baby shops around Seattle now, too, if you feel like you want to sell some of those clothes... Just a suggestion.