Monday, July 7, 2008

So glad that it's Monday night

Usually I'm not a fan of Monday nights, but this week we have a FREE Tuesday! Daniel has a phone interview in the morning, but other than that- we're gloriously free. Which, after such a busy weekend and hugely crazy day at work- I am so so glad.

The job offer letter did come through this afternoon. And it's low. Not so low that he's going to reject the offer immediately, but low enough that we've had to drag out all our spreadsheets and checkbooks to see if it could possibly work. And I'm not sure if it could. Which, honestly, is not a scenario I was prepared for.

I'm too tired to think about that though. I'm just telling Daniel that I'll support him in whatever he decides. It's his career and we will figure something out, whether he takes this job or not. I did say that I will not return to work full-time and sell the condo so that he can stay home with Ethan. Thankfully, he said that he wouldn't like being home in the winter, so it's really not an option :)

Seriously, adulthood is so darned complicated!!!


Lizzie said...

Oy! It'll work out - it always does. I hope you have a great day together today!

Anonymous said...

Something will work out! God will provide, He cares. :)