Monday, July 28, 2008

Not such a good wife today

This morning I made it to work more or less on time, determined to get an entire day of work in without any drama from home.

What was I thinking.

My phone rang at 8:20 this morning. It was Daniel. Wanting to know where his keys were. I saw mine lying on the office chair, and very nervously went and looked inside my purse. Guess what was in there? So, Daniel was at home with Ethan, and needed the condo keys (on the keyring in my purse) to lock up and take Ethan to daycare and needed the car keys (on the keyring in my purse) to drive to work. I don't work far from home, but it takes at least 30 minutes to get from here to there, whether I'm walking or taking the bus. Daniel needed to be at work (remember, second week on the job!) by 9.

No time to panic. Must think of plan!!!

Thankfully, my coworker who drives to work was here and had some time before her first meeting. I asked her to drive me over to our condo and back and she kindly did. Daniel was only 2 minutes late for work. Crisis averted. Blood pressure may recover eventually.

I'm going to have to be nice to him tonight to make up for this! And guess how obsessively I'm going to check my purse from now on!

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