Monday, July 7, 2008

It is so nice to be sitting in my quiet office today

I have really enjoyed seeing so many friends and relatives over the last few weeks. Seriously. It was fun! But I am now completely and utterly exhausted. Physically and mentally and emotionally. I am totally loving the fact that I am sitting in my quiet office, with only one other person here, who is down the hall enjoying her own quiet office and not talking to me.

We had a pretty good trip up to Canada, despite the rain and Ethan not feeling well. His fever/feeling yucky meant that he was not too energetic, which is a fabulous thing when you're planning a 3 hour car trip.

We did stop at Peace Arch and take some photos:

Daniel and Ethan in front of the Peace Arch
Ethan tries to crawl back to the United States, where he knows he should be spending the 4th of July
We had a slightly good date on Friday night (the restaurant we were planning to go to was closed, I got annoyed at driving around trying to figure out where to eat, etc), saw a bunch of Daniel's friends and family on Saturday, and a good friend of mine on Sunday. I got congratulated on our second child (there is no second child, I'm just fat), which is funny when it happens to Kathryn, but less funny when it's happening in real life, especially when you're the only white person at a Chinese restaurant and have recently realized that you are fatter than every woman in the room and most of the men as well. AND!!! I got to have the annoying maternity leave conversation no less than 5 times (seriously, I thought we were done with that!) as all of Daniel's/his parents' friends asked when I would be returning to work, now that Ethan is almost a year old. By the 5th time a Canadian expressed shock and horror at our lack of maternity leave, I was ready to jump up and say "Yes- but we have better TV and cheaper shopping, so there!". I restrained myself.
Ethan got to play on another swing yesterday- and had a great time. We really need to start taking him to nearby playgrounds, now that he's big enough to enjoy them a little.
So, now it's back to real life and piles of work to be done. And I'm also very busy checking Daniel's email, since it looks like he might be getting an offer letter from a company. We have no idea when or what they're going to offer salary-wise. I wish they'd hurry up and write, as I actually do have a lot to do today and need to focus!
Hope you all had a safe and fun 4th and got lots of sun and rest!

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Ashley said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend! I like those pictures! And good luck with the job offers!