Thursday, July 17, 2008

In which my family becomes part of a media day and I obtain brand name shoes

Since Daniel had surgery on Tuesday, I had no idea what the end of the week held for us. So I had two sets of possible plans for today. One plan was to go to the wading pool with Maggie and FINALLY get to meet her and her adorable son. And the other plan was to go be part of the press at AMC Media Day down at the new movie theatre at Southcenter Mall. Daniel decided yesterday that he was feeling fine and that he wanted to go check out the new movie theater and eat Chinese food at the Great Wall Shopping Center. So, plans with Maggie were postponed, (seriously- one of these days!!).

So we trekked down to Southcenter this morning, found our way to the sparkly new theater and met up with several of the AMC media people. Ethan was intrigued by the press packet, but we decided against letting him eat it as a snack. The theater opens tomorrow, so there was still a good bit of last-minute activity going on around us, but overall they look ready to roll. Our tour started out in one of the largest theaters, where we sat on the very comfy seats. The seats there have the type of armrests that can be raised for snuggling and lean back for comfort. Ethan was very intrigued by the movie playing in front of us, especially since he isnt allowed to watch TV at home. The AMC theater is all digital, so the picture was very impressive and clear, and projected onto a nice 3 story screen. We got a tour of the projection room, which was very high-tech and fun to see.

I think we're definitely going to have to go see a movie at this theater. They have some nice cost-saving ideas, combo packs for snacks and such. The thing that we were most excited about was the AMCinema program, which has $6 movies on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, for the movies starting before noon. They also have a rewards program where you can earn points for buying movie tickets and food.

After we were done being part of the press, we headed off to dim sum at the Great Wall Shopping Center. Ethan, as usual flirted with everyone in sight. At one point we had 4 dim sum carts stopped in front of our table while the servers cooed over Ethan. If our next kid is shy, we're not going to have a clue what to do with him! On Tuesday, when Daniel was being prepped for his surgery, the nurse spent most of the time talking to Ethan, and at one point carried him off to show him around the center and introduce him to the other nurses. No stranger anxiety there, for sure!

We also made a quick shopping trip, during which I got a cute shirt and some Esprit brand shoes . I'm pretty sure that I would have been ecstatic about Esprit brand clothes back about 18 years ago- I'm still pretty excited about the cute shoes!

In other news, it is SO time for Daniel to go back to work. He's watching Dr. Phil right now and making comments about the people on the show. He just got done watching People's Court. It's going to be quite the adjustment for all of us next week- he's gotten used to relaxing, and I've gotten used to having him around helping out with Ethan. Keeping track of a crawler is definitely a two-person job.

Oh, the munchkin is up! Gotta run!

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Ashley said...

That sounds like a cool theater! I've never been to that mall before. I hope you adjust well to having your husband go back to work!!