Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever been secretly glad that the sheets aren't completely dry, so you have to run them through the dry cycle again, and you don't actually have to make the bed for at least 15 more minutes!!! No? Oh, me neither.

A year later, and I'm still adjusting to a lot of things about motherhood, particularly the part that resembles the movie "Groundhog Day". The part where nothing ever stays off of my to-do list for more than 2 seconds before it is added again. This is sheer torture to a person who loves to cross things off a list and who has trouble relaxing if there is work to be done. Maybe by the time he's two I'll be doing better with this.

I made the mistake of logging on to my work email this morning even though I knew I didn't really have time to read the email or deal with any issues, since Ethan was in the midst of a crawling all over the living room mood. Unfortunately, I logged on anyway and discovered that we were in crisis mode. A client sent a change for a publication that is going to press tomorrow, and the only other person that could make the edits was on a ferry in the middle of Lake Champlain (yeah, she had to trump my chasing a baby around the condo story). So I spent an hour this morning trying to get the paper semi-fixed while blocking access to the printer and computer cords (Ethan's favorite new toy) with my foot. Then we quickly ran errands, so as to tire him out, and I flew through the rest of the changes during his nap. I'm going to not read the paper when it's published, because I do not even want to know if there are mistakes in there. Ignorance is bliss.

Oh, and did I mention that the Blue Angels were flying (fairly low) overhead while I was trying to do the footblock/baby entertaining/paper edits? I like to watch the Blue Angels and all, but the noise!!! During their second practice session we went out for a walk and were able to watch them fly overhead and do their tricks. I was impressed. Ethan watched briefly, then went back to his usual task of trying to make every person that walks by smile at him. He gets very worried when they don't and just stares at me in confusion. Someone is getting a little too used to being adored all the time!

I'm still in shock about this whole first birthday thing. Cannot believe it's only 11 days away. Last year when we saw the Blue Angels we were out shopping while we waited for a room in the L&D wing to open up for me (for my first induction attempt). It seems like a whole lifetime ago. Honestly, I like this age better than the whole newborn thing. He's a handful, but so much fun too!


Ashley said...

I wish I could go to SeaFair, because I've never been and it sounds like tons of fun! But I'm not brave enough for all the crowds and traffic with a baby too. Maybe next year!

carrie said...

Oh I know - and who would think that these little things would mean so much to us now? (Things like wet sheets?) :)