Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boy's toys

This post is actually not about Ethan's toys (which seem to multiply all on their own...), but Daniel's.

You see, when we started dating, Daniel had a house with a pool table and a stereo system and a BMW and a red Honda motorcycle. Now... he lives in a 900 square foot condo with no stereo system and no pool table and drives a Mazda and a off-brand scooter. And, worst of all, now that he's going to have a car commute, he's getting ready to sell the scooter. His idea, not mine. But it does make sense and this is the time to sell a scooter, with gas prices so high and all.

But I feel badly about this. Mostly because he never expresses any desire for anything. I've totally given up on buying him gifts, and instead just give him carte blanche to buy himself something expensive every so often. Like his incredibly tiny computer and his scooter. And now he's getting rid of one of his toys. But I really want him to have things that make him happy- I just cant figure out what those things are!

If anyone has any advice on how to spoil an incredibly sweet, unbelievably unselfish 40 year old man, please, let me know.


Ashley said...

Well, I don't know if he likes video games, but my husband's toys are most definitely his XBox 360 and his Nintendo Wii. He loves them, and it's the best way to spoil him. They also don't take up any space really, so that's the good thing about them!

Lizzie said...

Adam's the same way! That's why I usually say "lets not buy each other presents this year..." I have a really hard time spoiling him. Frustrating!!