Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby fever

Seriously people, my husband has baby fever. It's kind of scary. He actually really likes babies and misses Ethan's younger stages. I DO NOT get it. Yesterday, after we spent 2 hours in the church nursery (quite enough time with other peoples' kids for my day), we were eating lunch at church. Ethan fell asleep mid-lunch, and after a while, I convinced Daniel to let me hold the baby so that he could eat. Which he VERY begrudgingly did. Then he quickly ate his lunch and went over to our friend who was sitting holding her 3 month old son, and asked to hold her baby. That would have never ever crossed my mind. He almost dropped the baby, since he's forgotten how floppy they can be at that stage, and the baby cried and didn't want to be held, so Daniel had to return to his seat sans baby.

We had our first Mandarin class yesterday. We're taking classes at the Sponge School. Yesterday's class was fun- it's sort of like a normal play class, but it takes place in Mandarin. Who knows if it'll actually help Ethan at all or not, but we figured it couldn't hurt. The class is a little expensive, but I think it's something we'll try to budget for in the future if we like the rest of the classes in this series.

So that's about all the excitement from my weekend. The sun is shining here and it's a lovely day. Hopefully work will go quickly, so I can get home to my boys!

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