Monday, June 30, 2008

Too hot for a clever title

I'm a little vague on exactly why I'm sitting out in my sweltering living room and blogging instead of watching TV (at a VERY low volume) in Ethan's room (Ethan's asleep), where the AC is going full-blast. This cannot be a sign of mental stability.

Went to work today. Blinded people in the office and the hallway with the sight of my very pale, chubby arms in a sleeveless shirt. I should have handed out sunglasses for their protection. Really, my arms are that scary.

After work I decided to try walking home, because we just (after 2 years living in this condo) discovered a shortcut to my office. And I made the walk in 20 minutes, which is about the time it would take to walk up to the bus-stop, wait for the bus, ride the bus, and walk from the bus to daycare/home. I showed up at daycare dripping with sweat, beet red from the heat and windblown from walking along the highway (it's a little highway). The daycare teacher told me that I looked nice today. Which proves a point that I first made more than a year ago- you have to hang out with people who have a bad sense of perspective. Last year's person was my hypertension OB, who said I was slender. Because she's used to hanging out with hugely pregnant women. Now it's a daycare teacher, because she's used to seeing babies and other teachers dressed in practical clothes and baby slobber. I do love these people.

Nothing really else new to blog about. Maybe tomorrow. If you're lucky.

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Ashley said...

When will the heat go away???!!! Please be soon!