Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shopping trip

So, today I went to Fred Meyer (like a Target with a grocery store in the middle) to do some shopping- alone! Hurray for unemployed husband home in the middle of the day!!! Anyway, I was walking down one of the aisles when I saw a cart that made me laugh outloud.

Passing me in the aisle was a man, probably in his 60s, pushing a fairly empty cart. All that was inside was a large package of Depends, and 4 bottles of expensive champagne. Now THAT's going to be a good party :)

Oh, and I got a cute suede (suede-like?) skirt for dirt cheap. Love Fred Meyer.

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Lizzie said...

When my mom was visiting in the spring we went to Fred Meyer had a similar experience. This older gentleman had in his cart a six pack of beer, some pretzles, and an econo box of condoms. We couldn't stop staring! :D