Tuesday, June 17, 2008

People I love

1) the person that invented epidurals
2) the doctor that gave me my epidural
3) the person that invented playpens

Daniel was off at some Microsoft job fair thingy tonight, so I was left alone for the evening wrestling match that is getting Ethan into his night-time diaper and pjs. He went in his playpen soon after. With a box of toys, so, thankfully, he didn't notice he was in baby jail for quite a while. Then I got him out and he decided to spend his time trying to figure out how to stand up with the help of the couch. Seriously. Last week he was pretty much stationary, now he's crawling and trying to figure out how to stand up? Sigh. I had long conversations with him tonight about staying mommy's little baby forever, but I don't think he was listening.


followthatdog said...

We never had a playpen, but I do so love the folks who brought us baby gates. We baby proofed one room and let the boys have at it. Ahhh, what a nice memory. Now they can open the baby gates and all of that comfort and safety is shot to hell.

maggie said...

Ugh, the Onset of Mobility was rough. He got into EVERYTHING. He still gets into everything, but it's different stuff now and, for some reason, more manageable. What I remember being hard was any time they couldn't quite do something- stand up, whatever- and start whiiiiining for help! I do love the walking, though. I have to chase him, but being able to set him down makes life easier. You'll get used to it!

mary said...

ethan is so funny...I like how you warned Gracie!

Karen said...

Oh my heart! How I miss that age already! They grow up way too fast.