Friday, June 27, 2008

Obsessively checking email

Not even my own email, Daniel's email. Because he's supposed to hear by today about the job he interviewed for last week. I think I'm more nervous than he is. Not that I really want him to go back to work, but the money is going to run out in another two months, and I do enjoy eating occasionally. He's actually had several interviews now with different companies, and has come home excited about all of them, so if God shuts the door on this particular job, then I don't think he'll be too discouraged.

It's going to be interesting to readjust to having him at work, when it happens. We definitely fell into a pretty great routine with him at home. He's doing the lion's share of the baby care and a bunch of the housework. Did I mention what a good mood I've been in lately? And we really enjoy being together, so it's fun to have him around on my days off. Ethan's in heaven with Daniel around all the time, since he's a total Daddy's boy. When I left this morning, Ethan was sleeping on Daniel's pillow and had edged Daniel off the pillow and almost totally out of the bed. He usually comes to sleep in our bed after he wakes up at about 6 AM. It's the only way we can get more sleep and since he's not much of a snuggler, the only way we can snuggle with him. But he takes up more and more of the bed every day. I fully expect to see Daniel on the floor next to the bed one of these days.

And I have my first back to Weight Watchers weigh-in today. I think I'm down a few pounds, so it should be good. It's nice to be eating healthier again and to not be putting so many of the processed foods and such in my body. I definitely have more energy, despite the huge cut in calories from last week.

So, I'll probably update later when I have more to say!

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The Veaters said...

Good luck! That must be wonderful to have your husband around so much to help though. I am jealous!