Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More evidence that motherhood causes stupidity

I just emailed a friend from church and volunteered to host her baby shower. Sigh. Apparently I've forgotten how much work it was last time I hosted a baby shower. And this one is going to be co-ed. Hopefully that means that I can make Daniel help me with it :)

Actually, it'll be fun, I'm sure. I know that having a baby shower meant a lot to me and I feel really blessed to be able to give other people that same joy. And it's fun to see baby presents and watch the excitement of parents-to-be. And I like organizing things and bossing people around.

It's going to be great. Really. Any co-ed baby shower tips? I've never even been to one, so am a little clueless here.


Lizzie said...

You probably don't want my advice! haha. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had your blog up and my husband read it. His advice was to not play baby shower games. Also, to understand that most of the other guys really don't care about the gifts. ~Amanda

Stacy (mama-om) said...

My husband was at our baby shower -- the only guy there. It actually happened by accident. He was around when guests started coming and some were more his friends than mine and he ended up sticking around.

I really liked having him there.

After that, I thought a lot about having a co-ed shower, as a way to honor the entire family. My ideas would be to serve a coconut cake (to symbolize the sweetness of life, mother’s milk, our spiritual growth as parents), decorate with red balloons (the color of birth, transformation and change). I would ask guests to offer support or good wishes to the family, written on oak leaf shaped pages (the trunk symbolizing the earth; the leaves, our community; a single leaf, the family; acorns, new beginnings).

But I don't know how much the guys would be in to that. ;)

I googled co-ed showers and there seems to be a lot out there about it! I'd love to hear about what you decide.