Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm cheap, not poor (yet)

That's what I told my mom a few months ago when she kept trying to pay for groceries. We're cheap, not poor. Mom, on the other hand, is married to a Southern Baptist pastor, so is poor. And needs to stop trying to pay for everything when they visit. Anyway.

I have a point to this rambling. Really. For Mother's Day, Daniel bought me a gift card to a Seattle salon. But when I called, I found out that their haircuts range from $45-60. Did I mention that I'm cheap? I paid $14 for a hair cut a while back and felt REALLY extravagant. Because I was raised to be cheap. My dad's family was poor when he was a kid, and as it turns out, we were fairly lower middle class when I was growing up (that whole pastor thing again), so I was raised to be conscious of prices and cost and to try to find a good deal on things. Including haircuts.

But today I did it. I called to book one of the Internet specials for this salon and was told that, since it was my first visit, they'd let me see the $60 person and charge me only $38 (the Internet special). And I loved the haircut- it's so cute! I even have bangs- just a little bit. Nothing like in the early 90s when I last had bangs. But now I like the fancy haircuts and am going to have a REALLY hard time going back to the $12 haircuts that are in my reality. I do have some money left on the card, so will probably go there every third haircut or so. I knew it was bad news going to a fancy place though. Darn those good stylists. :)

Daniel's flipping between "America's Got Talent" and "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow". The latter option practically left him rolling on the floor. It was amusing, but not THAT funny. More proof that men have an odd sense of humor.

In job (and possible fancy haircut funding news), we're waiting to hear on last week's job interview, and he has a phone interview and an in-person interview scheduled for this week. Hopefully one of those will work out. I'm glad he has stuff this week in case last week's interview doesn't work out as we're hoping. I'm really enjoying having him home- he's such a great dad and it's fun to have my best friend around all the time, but I know he really wants to find a new job soon. We're hoping that he'll get a job offer soon and will be able to take a few weeks before it starts to relax and perhaps take a small family trip, but we'll see what happens on that. Please keep praying!


Lizzie said...

Getting spoiled is always dangerous - there's the chance that you might just get addicted!

Wendi said...

Just came across your blog today. I know what you mean about a $14 haircut. I can't seem to pay more that $8 ... maybe that is why my hair looks so bad =)

I'm glad to hear that "I survived a Japanese game show" is funny. My husband was so upset when he missed it.