Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you know what day it is today, just mentally insert that as the title of this post

Going to Portland mid-week with Daniel and Ethan has really screwed up my perspective on what day it is. Usually going to Portland to see my grandmother is a weekend activity. But I was going for work yesterday, and since Daniel no longer has anything better to do with his time than do my bidding (can you tell that he doesn't read my blog!), I dragged them along so that we could get a trip to my grandmother's in while the mileage was being paid by my work.

We listened to a really thought-provoking book on CD while driving. I was going to post DEEP THOUGHTS about that. But I'm pretty much at the end of my energy here and just cant. It took us 7 hours to get home from Portland (a 3 hour drive normally), due to our stops at IKEA and the gas station, and Panera, and the rental house. Then we had to go for a walk when we got back, since the sun is shining (which it never does anymore. It was 50 degrees yesterday on our trip to Portland). And, oh yeah, then Ethan did his weekly poop-in-the-bathtub routine while we were trying to simultaneously unpack/clean/feed the cats/get ready for tomorrow/get Ethan fed and bathed. I'm really not a fan of the pooping in the bathtub. Too gross.

I might post my deep thoughts tomorrow. But probably not, as I get to get up early, try to work from 6-8 AM, then go to the implant dentist to have what is left of one of my teeth dug out and a screw implanted in its place. All under sedation, thank goodness. They offered to do it while I was awake. I don't think so. So I'll probably be loopy and drugged tomorrow. If I post something weird, just ignore it.

I need to go shower while Daniel is assembling our IKEA-bought baby toy organizer. Ethan's toys are beginning to take over, so we decided to be proactive about the organization. And hopefully if we have them tucked away, the cats will stop stealing his toys and hiding them under the furniture.

Okay. Shower. Now. Bye!

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