Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have I mentioned that my husband is a saint?

A conversation that my mom and I had last week:, while discussing childrearing and the challenges in my near future:

Me: So, what did you do when Eric (my brother) or I threw temper tantrums?
Mom: Well, I remember leaving a few stores and things like that.
Me: What about when we were home? What did you do then?
Mom: I don't really remember, but it must have worked. After all, you outgrew throwing tantrums, didn't you.
Me: (long pause). Um... sure? And please don't ask Daniel that question when he gets home. I totally outgrew tantrums. Really.
Mom: (quiet chuckling)

Seriously, my husband is amazing. He is so patient with me and has been so good to me over these last crazy months. I could not ask for more. And I'm so blessed this week, we've been making it a priority to do devotions together in the evenings and have really been talking. It's amazing how a few simple conversations can make SUCH a difference in a relationship. I am so blessed.

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