Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting ready for the week

It's really weird to be getting ready for the workweek on Sunday night, only to realize that Daniel doesn't have a workweek to prepare for. Which he's still fine with, but I find myself not wanting to bring attention to. Like tonight, he was looking at the TV schedule for some show on Discovery about outer space, and it starts at 9 and goes until 11. Now, I get up at 5 for work, so cannot stay up to watch this, but he obviously could, being unemployed. Which I started to point out, saying "oh, you could stay up if you want, since you don't have to.... get up early in the morning." It's just strange. Other than last week, he's been out of work for exactly 1 day in all the time I've known him. And last week I was kind of in a daze and traveling and having heavily medicated dental surgery, so the whole "Daniel being home all the time" thing didn't really phase me.

This week I'm trying to find the energy to 1) chase the baby who figured out how to crawl, darn it (the playpen totally went back up today- Baby Jail!), 2) encourage Daniel in his job search without sounding panicked at the idea of not having money to shop, and 3) take advantage of Daniel being home all the time without making it obvious that I'm taking advantage of him. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym after work instead of picking up Ethan at daycare. Which is also weird, because usually Daniel is the one going to the gym after work and I am the one picking Ethan up.

We had a lovely Father's Day. Not in small part because the SUN SHONE ALL DAY!!!! Church this morning, then dropped by my uncle's house to see some relatives in town from Australia, then we went to the Museum of Flight to see the planes, which Daniel and Ethan loved, and I enjoyed quite a bit.

Time for bed now. We have much going on for the rest of the month and I need to rest up!

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