Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Look at this photo and then please tell me if you think I have any hope of being anything but short and round in the future. Disregard my freakishly tall cousin standing next to me. We're not sure what to do with him. He's 15 and already somewhere around 6'4". His dad is investigating taking out loans to feed him. The particular people of interest in this picture are me (standing to the left of Ethan in the photo), my mom (holding Ethan) and my grandmother (to the right of Ethan). Yeah, short and round is my destiny. I need to embrace it.
We're off to visit my grandmother tomorrow, which is why I'm thinking about this today. Genetics are weird. I met up with a girlfriend today who hadn't seen Ethan since he was a few weeks old. She sat and looked at him for a while and then finally said "now, do you guys think he looks like Daniel at all, besides his eyes?" I told her that we did not- that we thought the same as she did, that Ethan could be a male version of me, if it weren't for his Asian eyes. Genetics are weird that way. Daniel said that he got lots of weird looks when he and his parents took Ethan out for dim sum without me. People wondering why the Chinese family was taking a random Caucasian baby out for lunch.
Okay, so I know Daniel needs a job, but I can get SO much more done with him at home. Today I slept late with the baby (the whole daylight until 9:40 PM thing has thrown off Ethan's whole sleep schedule), then went to meet with my friend (with Ethan), then to the gym, then to help my uncle clean his house in preparation for a family visit, to Grocery Outlet/Ross/the Dollar Store (where I got GREAT deals and was amused at the change of clientele over the past few months from people with food stamps to people driving BMWs), and finally home to pack for our random mid-week trip to Portland.
So tired now. Need to sleep.

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Lizzie said...

Everyone in my family (even my immediate family) look so different, but it seems like everyone in your photo has the exact same eyes, eyebrows, *and* smiles!