Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday! Sunshine!

Having Daniel home all the time is great, but it's making it really tough to keep track of what day it is. All week I knew that I needed to call my grandmother on Thursday night, but it didn't dawn on me that it was Thursday night until about 11 PM yesterday. Whoops.

Another busy week is almost done here. I worked yesterday morning while Ethan and Daniel played, then went off (with Ethan) to my church moms' group. Our last meeting until after the summer :( Then it was home to hand off Ethan to Daniel before heading downtown for some shoe shopping, a dentist appointment and a trip to the gym.

And today I'm off to my first Weight Watcher's meeting in a year and a half. Ugh. I think I'm finally motivated to diet, given that I'm still at the same weight that I was when I was 6-7 months pregnant this time last year. Something needs to be done, and I know that WW works for me, so it's time to do it again! Off to record my points for breakfast...

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