Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The downside of visiting fancy salons

At my usual budget haircut place, my hair is cut into something resembling the same hairstyle I walked into the salon with, only shorter. Usually by someone who seems so depressed to be there that I'm a little worried for them. And at the end of the haircut, the person waves the hairdryer in my general direction, runs a comb through my hair and sends me out. And I'm always relieved to get home and wash my hair and get it looking like normal.

But when you go to a fancy salon, they STYLE it for you. The very sweet hairstylist spent more time drying my hair yesterday than I usually spend on it in a month. She dried and combed and spritzed with fancy products. And sent me home feeling marvelous about myself.

Then I washed it. And dried it and it looked okay. Not great. Presentable though. Then I woke up this morning, and found my new fun bangs sticking out at a horizontal angle and my hair sticking up every direction. And I could not fix it right. It looks something like a brown helmet today, with strange bangs. It is NOT good. I just keep looking in the mirror and longing for yesterday when it was all happy and bouncy and pretty.

Off to the shower to try again...

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Anonymous said...

You will get the hang of it! It takes a few days to figure out how to style it yourself. Next time you go, watch them when they dry it and do that at home. It helped me a lot when I started going to "fancy" salons. And I like you, had a hard time paying that much ... at first ... you will get hooked! :)