Monday, June 23, 2008

Crawling is not a good thing

My weekend in a nutshell:

We put Ethan on the floor.

Ethan looks at us and takes off at top baby speed for the power cords/cat scratching post/cat tent.

We try to suggest that he should reconsider his plans. He grins and crawls faster.

He reaches the power cord/scratching post/tent and again, looks over at us, grins and reaches for whatever he is after.

We say "no", pick him up and return him to his toys.

He screams at the top of his lungs because we are clearly the meanest parents EVER. This continues for about 10 seconds. Then we repeat the whole process again until we are worn out and he is sent to play in his pack n' play.

There were other activities this weekend- a trip to the zoo with my family, church, a walk around Green Lake. A shopping trip to Fred Meyer where I was incredibly irritated by the check out clerk who made me put my box of diet coke back in my cart to scan it even though I wasnt planning on taking the cart out with me, and I told her that.

It's kind of weird to be sitting in the office and NOT having to intently watch to see what Ethan's getting in to. Hopefully he wont wear out his daycare teachers too much. Daycare is a lot more childproof than our home (disclaimer- we did our best at home, but it's only 3 rooms and there is only so much you can remove/childproof), so it's more fun for him there anyway.

Picture from our trip to the zoo:

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carrie said...

Yikes! I remember those days! :)