Monday, June 30, 2008

Books and random information

Since it's approximately 1 1/2 billion degrees today, we have our windows open. And it's trivia night at the bar across the street. Which means I sit on my couch, as close to the window as I can get (with a glass of wine, because I have to re-create the surroundings) and listen to the questions (as well as I can understand them) and the listen VERY carefully for the answers so that I can reach over and hit Daniel and say "see, I knew that!" Because this, like watching "Cash Cab" on the Discovery Channel, proves that I have a very amazing mastery of completely useless information. I blame books.

Seriously, reading books is a wonderful thing, and I think I have learned a lot, but I'm not sure that it's useful info. I did test out of Western Civ in college from reading American and English romance novels. I kid you not. I suspect that some of the other random information from all of the books I have read crept in there too, but romance novels played a large role. But pretty much all the rest of the stuff I've learned is useful only in triva-type settings.

My husband does not read books. This has disturbed me and my parents since I was first dating Daniel. And then my brother went and married a woman who also does not read books. My biological family, however, reads voraciously. My mom is a librarian. Dad has shelves and shelves of books. My parents' dream retirement is to own a used book store. I go through 10 library books a week. Every week. I always have. I love books. On our honeymoon we tried to sit on the beach and Daniel realized within 2 minutes that relaxing was just not going to happen unless I had a book. Sure enough, he got me a book and I was a happy camper and left him alone for quite some time.

Right now Ethan would still rather eat the books than read them, but I am bound and determined to bring him to my side. He will read books! (As I type that, Daniel walked in the room and turned on the TV. Each to his own... )

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Ashley said...

I love books too! Sometimes I go through a phase where I don't read a good book for awhile, but I have always been a major reader for my entire life!

Lizzie said...

My husband ALWAYS has something to say about whatever random tidbit of information someone is talking about - I always say "How did you know about that?" but he's always reading. I read my fair share, but I don't think I retain as much as you and he seem to!

Erin said...

I, too, married a non-reader. He's just not interested. But he'll happily surf on his computer (God Bless wireless internet) while I am curled up with a good book and he's totally understanding when I am engrossed in a book, so it's all good.

I've heard that the best thing(s) you can do to make your kids readers (besides the obvious reading to them) is to let them see you reading and also to try to keep them from interrupting your reading (i.e., you're reading your book, kiddo wants a glass of water. You ask kiddo to wait until you finish the page you are on before getting said glass of water.) Dunno if that is true, but it seems to make sense to me.

Karen said...

I grew up reading constantly, too. My husband doesn't read for pleasure EVER. It troubles me too. He's missing out on so much!