Monday, June 30, 2008

Books and random information

Since it's approximately 1 1/2 billion degrees today, we have our windows open. And it's trivia night at the bar across the street. Which means I sit on my couch, as close to the window as I can get (with a glass of wine, because I have to re-create the surroundings) and listen to the questions (as well as I can understand them) and the listen VERY carefully for the answers so that I can reach over and hit Daniel and say "see, I knew that!" Because this, like watching "Cash Cab" on the Discovery Channel, proves that I have a very amazing mastery of completely useless information. I blame books.

Seriously, reading books is a wonderful thing, and I think I have learned a lot, but I'm not sure that it's useful info. I did test out of Western Civ in college from reading American and English romance novels. I kid you not. I suspect that some of the other random information from all of the books I have read crept in there too, but romance novels played a large role. But pretty much all the rest of the stuff I've learned is useful only in triva-type settings.

My husband does not read books. This has disturbed me and my parents since I was first dating Daniel. And then my brother went and married a woman who also does not read books. My biological family, however, reads voraciously. My mom is a librarian. Dad has shelves and shelves of books. My parents' dream retirement is to own a used book store. I go through 10 library books a week. Every week. I always have. I love books. On our honeymoon we tried to sit on the beach and Daniel realized within 2 minutes that relaxing was just not going to happen unless I had a book. Sure enough, he got me a book and I was a happy camper and left him alone for quite some time.

Right now Ethan would still rather eat the books than read them, but I am bound and determined to bring him to my side. He will read books! (As I type that, Daniel walked in the room and turned on the TV. Each to his own... )

(original post edited to fix a few glaring grammatical errors)

Too hot for a clever title

I'm a little vague on exactly why I'm sitting out in my sweltering living room and blogging instead of watching TV (at a VERY low volume) in Ethan's room (Ethan's asleep), where the AC is going full-blast. This cannot be a sign of mental stability.

Went to work today. Blinded people in the office and the hallway with the sight of my very pale, chubby arms in a sleeveless shirt. I should have handed out sunglasses for their protection. Really, my arms are that scary.

After work I decided to try walking home, because we just (after 2 years living in this condo) discovered a shortcut to my office. And I made the walk in 20 minutes, which is about the time it would take to walk up to the bus-stop, wait for the bus, ride the bus, and walk from the bus to daycare/home. I showed up at daycare dripping with sweat, beet red from the heat and windblown from walking along the highway (it's a little highway). The daycare teacher told me that I looked nice today. Which proves a point that I first made more than a year ago- you have to hang out with people who have a bad sense of perspective. Last year's person was my hypertension OB, who said I was slender. Because she's used to hanging out with hugely pregnant women. Now it's a daycare teacher, because she's used to seeing babies and other teachers dressed in practical clothes and baby slobber. I do love these people.

Nothing really else new to blog about. Maybe tomorrow. If you're lucky.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here's an idea

How about we stop shooting for all these weather records here in Seattle? Anyone with me? We've gone from record cold to record hot. Not such a fan of either. At the moment we're huddled in Ethan's room around the portable AC, watching TV on the tiny TV in there with the sound turned way down so that it doesn't wake him up. I think we're sleeping in there tonight too. Family slumber party!

Such a busy weekend. We saw tons of friends and relatives and are completely exhausted. But it was a really fun weekend too, so it's all good!

We had a very interesting/inspiring/slightly frightening sermon today by a guest speaker. He was talking about trials, since his family is going through an ongoing one, with their youngest son having some extremely severe health issues that mean he will be infant-like for his entire life. The speaker had a lot of amazing things to say, but one part particularly spoke to me, given what's going on right now in our lives.

He read from Isaiah 40, specifically verse 31: Yet those who wait for the LORD
Will gain new strength
They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary.

He focused in on the word "wait" at the beginning of the verse and went on to explain that, in this context, the word "wait" isn't a passive waiting, not just sitting around on the couch and moping. It's an active waiting, one he compared to the word "set" in track terms. It's the same as when runners are at the block, and the starter says "ready, set". They aren't sitting back and waiting, they're poised to leap into action.

So this is the kind of waiting God wants us to do. Easier said than done sometimes, I know. But I am going to try to have that kind of attitude toward all the great unknowns right now. I know God has our lives in the palm of His hand, and if it's going to be a long wait, I know He'll give me the energy and faith to keep trusting him. Right now that seems unimaginable, but I don't have to worry about how I'm going to have faith in 6 months or a year (please, God, don't let it take that long for Daniel to find a job!), I'm going to just act out my faith right now and trust day by day.

In other, far less spiritual news, I've completely concluded that my hair is just not meant for fancy haircuts. It's getting worse by the day. I kid you not. The heat is not helping, since it's too hot to spend time drying it just right, but I'm overall spending twice as much time as pre-haircut getting it to look decent, and it's coming out looking far less presentable. I think the rest of my gift card is going to have to be spent on other salon services. Cheapie haircuts, here I come!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wishing I had the answers

Most of the time I'm 100% thankful that Daniel isn't as emotional and expressive as I am. For me, a thought is not a thought if it's not said out loud or blogged about. This blog has probably rescued Daniel from innumerable annoying conversations.

But it's hard when I'm watching him have a tough time. I don't want to sit around and poke and prod and demand that he tell me what he's thinking/feeling. Because, knowing him, he hasn't really worked it all out in his head yet, so he can't even tell me. But it's hard to be a good wife when I don't know what to do. He's so rarely sad/discouraged/frustrated that I'm caught off guard when he is. I try to just give him space, and pray really hard. Tonight, when the email came in from the job, I just left (the baby was sleeping, so that wasn't an issue) and walked VERY SLOWLY down to the grocery store and back.

I hate seeing people I love in pain. I like everyone to be happy. Because (despite all my complaining and whining here), I am generally happy and content. And I want everyone in my circle to be there with me. But they aren't, and I'm not sure what to do about that. And I'm having to bite my tongue sometimes with Daniel, because I am feeling so much peace about this whole work situation and trust so much that God is preparing the right job for him. And the job he interviewed for this week is 2 blocks from where I work, which has to be a good thing! Right?

I just want to make him feel better and take care of him. I wish I knew how. I wish he would give me a clue. My best answer tonight is to let him sleep while I blog my angst. Those of you who read this and know him- please, just ignore the whole job thing for a while when you talk to him. He needs time to process.

In other news, we're going to Canada. On the 4th of July! Ethan's first! How TOTALLY wrong is that? But a dear friend of mine is going to be in Vancouver on the 6th, and work/daycare is closed on the 4th, so we're heading up then. I tried to explain to Daniel why it was so wrong for an American to have to spend the 4th of July in Canada, but he didn't get it. Luckily for him, he's more depressed than me right now, so he wins :) But Ethan's still wearing the "Red, White and Cute" shirt that I bought for him. Dual citizen, my butt. He's an AMERICAN baby!


Good weigh-in today, bad news on the job interview. But he got a very nice rejection letter- sounds like it was a case of "we like you, but we like the other person better". Hopefully one of these interviews will produce better results. Keep praying!

Obsessively checking email

Not even my own email, Daniel's email. Because he's supposed to hear by today about the job he interviewed for last week. I think I'm more nervous than he is. Not that I really want him to go back to work, but the money is going to run out in another two months, and I do enjoy eating occasionally. He's actually had several interviews now with different companies, and has come home excited about all of them, so if God shuts the door on this particular job, then I don't think he'll be too discouraged.

It's going to be interesting to readjust to having him at work, when it happens. We definitely fell into a pretty great routine with him at home. He's doing the lion's share of the baby care and a bunch of the housework. Did I mention what a good mood I've been in lately? And we really enjoy being together, so it's fun to have him around on my days off. Ethan's in heaven with Daniel around all the time, since he's a total Daddy's boy. When I left this morning, Ethan was sleeping on Daniel's pillow and had edged Daniel off the pillow and almost totally out of the bed. He usually comes to sleep in our bed after he wakes up at about 6 AM. It's the only way we can get more sleep and since he's not much of a snuggler, the only way we can snuggle with him. But he takes up more and more of the bed every day. I fully expect to see Daniel on the floor next to the bed one of these days.

And I have my first back to Weight Watchers weigh-in today. I think I'm down a few pounds, so it should be good. It's nice to be eating healthier again and to not be putting so many of the processed foods and such in my body. I definitely have more energy, despite the huge cut in calories from last week.

So, I'll probably update later when I have more to say!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The downside of visiting fancy salons

At my usual budget haircut place, my hair is cut into something resembling the same hairstyle I walked into the salon with, only shorter. Usually by someone who seems so depressed to be there that I'm a little worried for them. And at the end of the haircut, the person waves the hairdryer in my general direction, runs a comb through my hair and sends me out. And I'm always relieved to get home and wash my hair and get it looking like normal.

But when you go to a fancy salon, they STYLE it for you. The very sweet hairstylist spent more time drying my hair yesterday than I usually spend on it in a month. She dried and combed and spritzed with fancy products. And sent me home feeling marvelous about myself.

Then I washed it. And dried it and it looked okay. Not great. Presentable though. Then I woke up this morning, and found my new fun bangs sticking out at a horizontal angle and my hair sticking up every direction. And I could not fix it right. It looks something like a brown helmet today, with strange bangs. It is NOT good. I just keep looking in the mirror and longing for yesterday when it was all happy and bouncy and pretty.

Off to the shower to try again...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm cheap, not poor (yet)

That's what I told my mom a few months ago when she kept trying to pay for groceries. We're cheap, not poor. Mom, on the other hand, is married to a Southern Baptist pastor, so is poor. And needs to stop trying to pay for everything when they visit. Anyway.

I have a point to this rambling. Really. For Mother's Day, Daniel bought me a gift card to a Seattle salon. But when I called, I found out that their haircuts range from $45-60. Did I mention that I'm cheap? I paid $14 for a hair cut a while back and felt REALLY extravagant. Because I was raised to be cheap. My dad's family was poor when he was a kid, and as it turns out, we were fairly lower middle class when I was growing up (that whole pastor thing again), so I was raised to be conscious of prices and cost and to try to find a good deal on things. Including haircuts.

But today I did it. I called to book one of the Internet specials for this salon and was told that, since it was my first visit, they'd let me see the $60 person and charge me only $38 (the Internet special). And I loved the haircut- it's so cute! I even have bangs- just a little bit. Nothing like in the early 90s when I last had bangs. But now I like the fancy haircuts and am going to have a REALLY hard time going back to the $12 haircuts that are in my reality. I do have some money left on the card, so will probably go there every third haircut or so. I knew it was bad news going to a fancy place though. Darn those good stylists. :)

Daniel's flipping between "America's Got Talent" and "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow". The latter option practically left him rolling on the floor. It was amusing, but not THAT funny. More proof that men have an odd sense of humor.

In job (and possible fancy haircut funding news), we're waiting to hear on last week's job interview, and he has a phone interview and an in-person interview scheduled for this week. Hopefully one of those will work out. I'm glad he has stuff this week in case last week's interview doesn't work out as we're hoping. I'm really enjoying having him home- he's such a great dad and it's fun to have my best friend around all the time, but I know he really wants to find a new job soon. We're hoping that he'll get a job offer soon and will be able to take a few weeks before it starts to relax and perhaps take a small family trip, but we'll see what happens on that. Please keep praying!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crawling is not a good thing

My weekend in a nutshell:

We put Ethan on the floor.

Ethan looks at us and takes off at top baby speed for the power cords/cat scratching post/cat tent.

We try to suggest that he should reconsider his plans. He grins and crawls faster.

He reaches the power cord/scratching post/tent and again, looks over at us, grins and reaches for whatever he is after.

We say "no", pick him up and return him to his toys.

He screams at the top of his lungs because we are clearly the meanest parents EVER. This continues for about 10 seconds. Then we repeat the whole process again until we are worn out and he is sent to play in his pack n' play.

There were other activities this weekend- a trip to the zoo with my family, church, a walk around Green Lake. A shopping trip to Fred Meyer where I was incredibly irritated by the check out clerk who made me put my box of diet coke back in my cart to scan it even though I wasnt planning on taking the cart out with me, and I told her that.

It's kind of weird to be sitting in the office and NOT having to intently watch to see what Ethan's getting in to. Hopefully he wont wear out his daycare teachers too much. Daycare is a lot more childproof than our home (disclaimer- we did our best at home, but it's only 3 rooms and there is only so much you can remove/childproof), so it's more fun for him there anyway.

Picture from our trip to the zoo:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday! Sunshine!

Having Daniel home all the time is great, but it's making it really tough to keep track of what day it is. All week I knew that I needed to call my grandmother on Thursday night, but it didn't dawn on me that it was Thursday night until about 11 PM yesterday. Whoops.

Another busy week is almost done here. I worked yesterday morning while Ethan and Daniel played, then went off (with Ethan) to my church moms' group. Our last meeting until after the summer :( Then it was home to hand off Ethan to Daniel before heading downtown for some shoe shopping, a dentist appointment and a trip to the gym.

And today I'm off to my first Weight Watcher's meeting in a year and a half. Ugh. I think I'm finally motivated to diet, given that I'm still at the same weight that I was when I was 6-7 months pregnant this time last year. Something needs to be done, and I know that WW works for me, so it's time to do it again! Off to record my points for breakfast...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

People I love

1) the person that invented epidurals
2) the doctor that gave me my epidural
3) the person that invented playpens

Daniel was off at some Microsoft job fair thingy tonight, so I was left alone for the evening wrestling match that is getting Ethan into his night-time diaper and pjs. He went in his playpen soon after. With a box of toys, so, thankfully, he didn't notice he was in baby jail for quite a while. Then I got him out and he decided to spend his time trying to figure out how to stand up with the help of the couch. Seriously. Last week he was pretty much stationary, now he's crawling and trying to figure out how to stand up? Sigh. I had long conversations with him tonight about staying mommy's little baby forever, but I don't think he was listening.

Shopping trip

So, today I went to Fred Meyer (like a Target with a grocery store in the middle) to do some shopping- alone! Hurray for unemployed husband home in the middle of the day!!! Anyway, I was walking down one of the aisles when I saw a cart that made me laugh outloud.

Passing me in the aisle was a man, probably in his 60s, pushing a fairly empty cart. All that was inside was a large package of Depends, and 4 bottles of expensive champagne. Now THAT's going to be a good party :)

Oh, and I got a cute suede (suede-like?) skirt for dirt cheap. Love Fred Meyer.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting ready for the week

It's really weird to be getting ready for the workweek on Sunday night, only to realize that Daniel doesn't have a workweek to prepare for. Which he's still fine with, but I find myself not wanting to bring attention to. Like tonight, he was looking at the TV schedule for some show on Discovery about outer space, and it starts at 9 and goes until 11. Now, I get up at 5 for work, so cannot stay up to watch this, but he obviously could, being unemployed. Which I started to point out, saying "oh, you could stay up if you want, since you don't have to.... get up early in the morning." It's just strange. Other than last week, he's been out of work for exactly 1 day in all the time I've known him. And last week I was kind of in a daze and traveling and having heavily medicated dental surgery, so the whole "Daniel being home all the time" thing didn't really phase me.

This week I'm trying to find the energy to 1) chase the baby who figured out how to crawl, darn it (the playpen totally went back up today- Baby Jail!), 2) encourage Daniel in his job search without sounding panicked at the idea of not having money to shop, and 3) take advantage of Daniel being home all the time without making it obvious that I'm taking advantage of him. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym after work instead of picking up Ethan at daycare. Which is also weird, because usually Daniel is the one going to the gym after work and I am the one picking Ethan up.

We had a lovely Father's Day. Not in small part because the SUN SHONE ALL DAY!!!! Church this morning, then dropped by my uncle's house to see some relatives in town from Australia, then we went to the Museum of Flight to see the planes, which Daniel and Ethan loved, and I enjoyed quite a bit.

Time for bed now. We have much going on for the rest of the month and I need to rest up!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The sun is breaking through outside, but inside I'm dealing with brain fogginess. Yesterday is a bit of a blur, from the time they put in the IV and administered something or another. The tooth extraction/screw implant went quickly and apparently well. Daniel brought me home and I pretty much slept on the couch the entire day, until I went to bed.

Today I'm trying to decide whether or not it's a good thing to be on heavy medication at the same time the baby becomes mobile... it's probably keeping me from freaking out too much about the fact that he can make it from one end of the living room to the other in 10 seconds flat. Not crawling, per se, but he's up on his arms, pushing with one leg and pulling the other behind him. Always moving towards the cats' scratching post. Except for when he's going after power cords. I'm alert enough to catch him and return him (screaming) to his blanket and toys. Daniel and I are both worn out already!

And tooth #4 apparently snuck in on us. It's amazing how quickly he's changing these days.

We're off to the first birthday party of one of his little girlfriends. Hard to believe it's going to be Ethan's birthday before long. I'm not ready!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you know what day it is today, just mentally insert that as the title of this post

Going to Portland mid-week with Daniel and Ethan has really screwed up my perspective on what day it is. Usually going to Portland to see my grandmother is a weekend activity. But I was going for work yesterday, and since Daniel no longer has anything better to do with his time than do my bidding (can you tell that he doesn't read my blog!), I dragged them along so that we could get a trip to my grandmother's in while the mileage was being paid by my work.

We listened to a really thought-provoking book on CD while driving. I was going to post DEEP THOUGHTS about that. But I'm pretty much at the end of my energy here and just cant. It took us 7 hours to get home from Portland (a 3 hour drive normally), due to our stops at IKEA and the gas station, and Panera, and the rental house. Then we had to go for a walk when we got back, since the sun is shining (which it never does anymore. It was 50 degrees yesterday on our trip to Portland). And, oh yeah, then Ethan did his weekly poop-in-the-bathtub routine while we were trying to simultaneously unpack/clean/feed the cats/get ready for tomorrow/get Ethan fed and bathed. I'm really not a fan of the pooping in the bathtub. Too gross.

I might post my deep thoughts tomorrow. But probably not, as I get to get up early, try to work from 6-8 AM, then go to the implant dentist to have what is left of one of my teeth dug out and a screw implanted in its place. All under sedation, thank goodness. They offered to do it while I was awake. I don't think so. So I'll probably be loopy and drugged tomorrow. If I post something weird, just ignore it.

I need to go shower while Daniel is assembling our IKEA-bought baby toy organizer. Ethan's toys are beginning to take over, so we decided to be proactive about the organization. And hopefully if we have them tucked away, the cats will stop stealing his toys and hiding them under the furniture.

Okay. Shower. Now. Bye!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Look at this photo and then please tell me if you think I have any hope of being anything but short and round in the future. Disregard my freakishly tall cousin standing next to me. We're not sure what to do with him. He's 15 and already somewhere around 6'4". His dad is investigating taking out loans to feed him. The particular people of interest in this picture are me (standing to the left of Ethan in the photo), my mom (holding Ethan) and my grandmother (to the right of Ethan). Yeah, short and round is my destiny. I need to embrace it.
We're off to visit my grandmother tomorrow, which is why I'm thinking about this today. Genetics are weird. I met up with a girlfriend today who hadn't seen Ethan since he was a few weeks old. She sat and looked at him for a while and then finally said "now, do you guys think he looks like Daniel at all, besides his eyes?" I told her that we did not- that we thought the same as she did, that Ethan could be a male version of me, if it weren't for his Asian eyes. Genetics are weird that way. Daniel said that he got lots of weird looks when he and his parents took Ethan out for dim sum without me. People wondering why the Chinese family was taking a random Caucasian baby out for lunch.
Okay, so I know Daniel needs a job, but I can get SO much more done with him at home. Today I slept late with the baby (the whole daylight until 9:40 PM thing has thrown off Ethan's whole sleep schedule), then went to meet with my friend (with Ethan), then to the gym, then to help my uncle clean his house in preparation for a family visit, to Grocery Outlet/Ross/the Dollar Store (where I got GREAT deals and was amused at the change of clientele over the past few months from people with food stamps to people driving BMWs), and finally home to pack for our random mid-week trip to Portland.
So tired now. Need to sleep.

So true

First off, I know that the weather in other places in the US is BAD. Dangerously hot in places and flooding in others. People are in serious trouble in some places. My thoughts are with you.

Our weather isn't dangerous. Just dreadful. Apparently we just had the coldest first week of June since they started keeping records in 1891. Hurray for us! But, as the weatherman on TV said last night (and totally cracked me up): "well, if we're going to be miserable, we might as well set a record while we're doing it." LOVE it!

Off to meet a friend for coffee, then home to figure out ways to take advantage of Daniel being home during the day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday night

Daniel just asked me if I was going to bed soon (he's in bed already, with Miss Popularity asleep on the pillow next to him) and I replied "I have to go blog first". This may be the first sign of a serious problem.

People have been worried about us all day, since I posted/called/emailed with news of the layoff. Truthfully, we're fine for now. You've got about 3 weeks before insane posts start showing up here. Back in January things were pretty bad with his old job, and so we went through all the "what if you get laid off", "what if you get fed up and quit" scenarios. We already had talked to my company about me increasing my hours to qualify for benefits and things like that. So this is sort of part 2 of a situation we already addressed back then. Except the whole "worst-case" scenario never came to pass earlier this year. And we might be facing it now. But I'm not going to think about that just yet.

Truthfully- I believe that God is taking care of us. In the midst of layoffs, breakups, depression, family tragedies, whatever. I have seen Him work in these things. I'm not speaking hypothetically. I have seen how His plan, which I thought was absolutely awful at the time, worked for the best for me. And it hurt. As this layoff probably will hurt. This is not the best time to be finding yourself out of work. But I believe that God is in charge of this situation and all other situations. He might ask us to wait for a while or for a long time. We might have to give up things that we thought we couldn't give up. I've done it before, and I will do it again, because I trust Him.

That all being said, I'm tired today. One of the other Seattle Mom Bloggers is having a tough time today. Please pray for her and her friends. I wish life didn't hurt so much. I'm tired of disasters that wipe out whole countries and plane crashes and general sadness. We're going to visit my grandmother on Wednesday and I'm worried that I'm not strong enough for her grief over the loss of her sister. I'm just weary of it all. I wish that I had the answers for all of this, that I could make it all better. But I don't and I cant. Except to say that I trust the Almighty God who does have the answers and that I wish He'd share them with me while I hurt and am scared.

Time to go kick Miss Popularity off my pillow and snuggle with my husband. I think we both need it about now.

Here we go again. Crap.

Daniel just called. His company had big layoffs this morning and he was one of the ones to go. Crap.

My cat is more popular than I am

We live in a condo building with lots of young, childless professional people. This means lots of Internet shopping and lots of boxes from Macy's and Amazon and shoe stores and other fun places piled up near our mailboxes every day. Rarely are these for me as I am relatively impoverished, which seriously limits my online shopping. I love online shopping- it's like you get the joy of the stuff twice- once when you buy it and once when it arrives in the mail. I miss that.

So, I was complaining to Daniel the other day about my jealousy of all the fun boxes. Especially since the people across the hall have been getting TONS of stuff (I think they must have just gotten married or something). I have present issues- namely I LOVE them and get sad in the summer since we have Valentine's Day/our wedding anniversary/my birthday all together, and I get used to presents all the time.

Anyway, I was moping around about presents and boxes last week, when one day there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and found... a box! A lovely, relatively heavy one!!! The joy! The excitement! Then I looked at the label and saw that it was addressed to "Jenny, Age 4." My cat. My cat got a box in the mail. Me, no boxes. My cat, a box. This is just not right.

The box contained a 7 pound bag of fancy cat food that my cat is testing out for a survey panel that I am a member of. Which means that the cat snarfs down fancy cat food and gets ruined for the cheap cat food that I buy her. And I will have to answer a phone survey in a few weeks with brilliant questions like: "How does your cat feel about the food?" "Does your cat like the texture of the food?" My cat is not that discerning. Pretty much if it's food, she eats it. She takes after me in that one.

So now it's back to hoping for a box for me. I'm going to have to buy myself a present or something. Off to work on thinking up a good excuse...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am going to lose my mind if it doesn't stop raining soon!

(original post edited to add Angie's name, which I forgot and have been feeling terrible about since yesterday, so am glad I finally was able to fix that!)

I am so ready to pick up the phone and call Daniel and BEG him to take me somewhere with sunshine. Anywhere. Just for a little while. I think I am starting to mildew.

Let's see- catching up since yesterday. Daniel got home in just enough time for me to do a little shopping before meeting the girls at Purple. So I dashed to the mall to go pick up my free perfume at Aveda. I was worried about going to the store with no intention of buying anything, but the salesperson was so sweet and treated me like royalty, even though I was just getting a free perfume. I had to go through this whole "sensory experience", where I sniffed essential oils with my eyes closed and picked out the scent that I liked best. Too cool. After that I went to several stores, trying desperately to find a lightweight spring coat. However, the stores think that it's summer, so no jackets to be found.

After that it was off to Purple to meet the girls. I got to sit between two tall blondes and look particularly short and round (story of my life!) :) . There were eight of us there: Eve (who is looking entirely too cute for being as pregnant as she is), Mona (who took lots of pictures-and was wearing a shirt that I totally am coveting), the always funny Jenny and Kathryn, the other Carrie (who was enjoying a full night on the town last night and who is always great to catch up with), and two new bloggers who I haven't met before, Stacy (who told me that I really should be using a blog reader instead of physically looking the blogs up everyday-great advice, by the way!), and Angie (whose name I forgot until Carrie posted it- I am so sorry- I am awful with names! and who has to go camping in our "lovely" Seattle weather this weekend). It was really a fun evening and I had a great time catching up with those that I've met before and meeting new people whose blogs I will now have to read every day (more excuse to not fold laundry!).

Then I went home to find a baby who was perfectly happy as long as we didn't make him go to bed, but who screamed at volumes previously unimagined whenever we tried to put him in his crib. He did just cut tooth #3 yesterday, but he only screamed when in his room or near his crib. At one point Daniel picked him up and walked out of the bedroom with him, and the crying stopped immediately. When Daniel stepped back into the room- screaming again. We had a lot of fun with that game for a while, until Ethan got tired of us laughing at him and decided to scream in the living room as well.

So I didn't make it to work at 6 this morning as I should have. Instead I laid in bed from 5:15 onward, mentally rearranging my schedule for the day, trying to figure out what was the latest I could get out of bed and still make it to work at a reasonable time, and make it to the library and the gym before 3:30. Then I moved the gym workout to tomorrow and rearranged the schedule in my head again. I'm not sure I actually got much more sleep, but at least I wasn't up and about.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and that you all have sunshine where you are!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going out tonight!!

I'm going out tonight to drinks/dessert/whatever with some of the other Seattle Mom Bloggers. To a wine bar with a group that contains at least one pregnant person and a few non-drinkers. More for me, right? :) I'm actually really excited this time, because I've met enough of them in person already to not be totally terrified. I do NOT do well with talking to strangers. People find that hard to believe, since I never shut up once I do know people. I'm even thinking of heading downtown a little early to do some shopping sans munchkin. We'll see how it goes and whether Daniel can get home from work early enough to make the shopping trip worthwhile.

Oh, and it's raining here again. Not a nice springy rain, but a pouring down, yucky rain. We are so weary of bad weather here. There are no words to describe it.

But I'm going out tonight, so who cares that I'm stuck inside now!!! Whee!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More evidence that motherhood causes stupidity

I just emailed a friend from church and volunteered to host her baby shower. Sigh. Apparently I've forgotten how much work it was last time I hosted a baby shower. And this one is going to be co-ed. Hopefully that means that I can make Daniel help me with it :)

Actually, it'll be fun, I'm sure. I know that having a baby shower meant a lot to me and I feel really blessed to be able to give other people that same joy. And it's fun to see baby presents and watch the excitement of parents-to-be. And I like organizing things and bossing people around.

It's going to be great. Really. Any co-ed baby shower tips? I've never even been to one, so am a little clueless here.

This is about as deep as my political thoughts get

I still don't know who I'm going to vote for in November. I'm a registered Republican (one of about three in the city of Seattle, seriously), but I don't know if that's the way to go this year. I need to do a bunch of reading and research before then. Or I'll just ask Daniel, since he actually does spend a lot of time reading and watching political news, and he's Canadian, so he has no vote of his own. I'll do one or the other of those things.

I have to say that I am excited by this election for one main reason right now. There's been so much talk about Mr. Obama being the first black man nominated for president. I see the tears in the eyes of women and men who grew up before Civil Rights and who suffered so much just because of the color of their skin. And I'm happy for them- I know that this day was far too long coming.

But, Mr. Obama is also our first mixed-race nominee. And as the mother of a mixed-race child, I'm glad to be witnessing this. And I'm glad it's coming about now, when my son is a baby. Hopefully this is a sign that the US is changing, that people will be judged less on the color of their skin and more on their character. I'm proud of our country today. I have hope.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have I mentioned that my husband is a saint?

A conversation that my mom and I had last week:, while discussing childrearing and the challenges in my near future:

Me: So, what did you do when Eric (my brother) or I threw temper tantrums?
Mom: Well, I remember leaving a few stores and things like that.
Me: What about when we were home? What did you do then?
Mom: I don't really remember, but it must have worked. After all, you outgrew throwing tantrums, didn't you.
Me: (long pause). Um... sure? And please don't ask Daniel that question when he gets home. I totally outgrew tantrums. Really.
Mom: (quiet chuckling)

Seriously, my husband is amazing. He is so patient with me and has been so good to me over these last crazy months. I could not ask for more. And I'm so blessed this week, we've been making it a priority to do devotions together in the evenings and have really been talking. It's amazing how a few simple conversations can make SUCH a difference in a relationship. I am so blessed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Breathing a sigh of relief

My baby is napping in his crib. My husband is napping on the couch. The cats are napping on various pillows. And, most amazingly enough, my house is empty of all visitors or preparations for upcoming visitors. We have no one scheduled to come stay with us again until September!!! I've enjoyed all the family visits and help with Ethan, but I am so glad to have the place to ourselves again for a while.

Daniel's parents showed up Friday night at dinner time, and I took off with my friends for the women's retreat around 7:30. I hadn't even made it fully out the door before my mother-in-law was in Ethan's room seeing what he was up to. Friday night I got some sleep with no one waking up and begging for a pacifier!!! (We have got to wean him off sleeping with his paci...). Saturday we were up early and enjoyed coffee by the pond, while waiting for breakfast, which was scheduled for the ridiculously late hour of 8:30 AM. We then had a great lecture and some time to pray and read on our own, followed by lunch (we ate a lot) and more workshops in the afternoon. Finally we had dinner then headed back to Seattle. Even though I leave Ethan at daycare three times a week, I'm still used to seeing him in the mornings, so not seeing him at all on Saturday was getting pretty old by the time I got home late Saturday night. Fortunately, he was sleeping deeply and I was able to pick him up and snuggle him for a while (something that he rarely allows).

I'm glad I went to the retreat- I really needed to hang out with other women and be part of their wisdom and their life experiences and their joy in life. I'd started to forget that there was life outside of motherhood. God really blessed me in the time I was there, both with the retreat and the time spent driving there and home with my friends. I'm so very glad I went.

Now it's back to real life and all it entails. I cannot believe that today is June 1st- we have a lot going on this summer, but it should be mostly fun things, so that's good.

Life has been challenging and busy lately, but I was reminded this weekend how very present God is in all those things, even the hard ones. And I needed that reminder and the renewing of my spirit to keep going, through the piles of laundry and baby food making, the piles of work on my desk and the endless emails from my coworkers. He is in it all, and this is where He has placed me right now. It's not glamorous or exciting, but it is my place and where He wants me to be and to serve. And today (we'll see how long it lasts), I know that there is nowhere else I would rather be.