Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Mom arrived safely on Sunday and we've been having a nice visit since then. Yesterday was my great-aunt's funeral, which Mom and Ethan and I attended. We left Seattle early in the morning and headed over the mountains. It was a gorgeous drive over- we made it in plenty of time, even with a bathroom/baby feeding stop in the incredibly cute town of Cashmere, Washington. After wandering around lost in the 4-block long town of Manson, we finally found the church where the funeral was being held. Family was already arriving, so the crying began immediately.

Ethan and I sat in the back by ourselves, where I cried through the first 15 minutes of the funeral before he woke up and wanted to play. So we spent the rest of the time in the hallway, where I was more distracted and did less crying. The end of the funeral was the hardest- as everyone left, they filed past the now-open casket, while the family sat and watched them. Mom said that was really tough for the family to take. I came back in at that point, but opted to not walk past the casket. I really prefer to remember people as they were. My aunt isn't that person anymore, that's just her body- she's with Christ. I know some people need the closure, so it's probably good that they have that option, but it's not one I wanted.

The graveside service was fairly quick- Roberta was buried in a lovely graveyard under a tree. Ethan sat directly on the grass for the first time ever while we were there! He seemed kind of confused. I'm afraid my dislike of nature is keeping him from some things- I need to work on that.

After that we had a reception at my great-uncle's house, where Mom got to spend time with cousins that she hasn't seen in 20+ years. Everyone enjoyed being together and reminiscing about Roberta and fun times together. Ethan was passed around from relative to relative, not minding a bit.

Finally we packed up and headed back over the mountain. At which point Ethan completely melted down. His third tooth is just about to break through, and he didn't eat well on the trip and he had been held by about 50 different people, and it was all just too much. He cried for about an hour of the trip, finally dropping off to sleep just before we crossed the pass. But we made it home safely and all got a good night's sleep.

Today Mom and Ethan are having a quiet day at home, while I try to catch up here at work. Mom's visiting until tomorrow night, so we still have a little time left. It's been a great visit, despite the sad reason for the trip.


Supermom said...

I am sorry about your great aunt.

I just wanted to tell you that YES that is the bottom of a laundry basket. I know it is RARE to see one.

Enjoy your day of rest.

Supermom said...
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Supermom said...

For some strange reason I stuttered and my comment came up twice. I deleted it and wanted to tell you.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope E's tooth is coming through, I know how hard teething is with J.

Hope you, E and DH are doing well.

Jen (mazigra0925 - ww boards)