Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday morning

My brother and his wife are arriving for a visit today. Or rather they're arriving to use our condo as a base for all their travels in the area. Tomorrow they're ferrying to Bremerton, Thursday we go to Portland, and Saturday they're heading to Victoria. My brother has been assuring me for a week that I had his most current travel info. However, when I looked up the flights this morning...they don't exist. So I'm not actually all that sure what time I should be at the airport.

On the mother's day gift front- I ruled out the facial, since I realized that I don't really like people to touch my face and it's a lot of money to spend on something I may or may not enjoy. And we went to Ulta this weekend to look at the perfume, and I decided against that too, since I still have 1/2 of a bottle at home of the same perfume. So, I had him buy me some new pajamas at Target, and he's going to buy me other small gifts. That'll be more fun anyway.

And Daniel's scooter arrived here yesterday. He was so happy this morning, riding off to work, wearing his motorcycle jacket and helmet. It was cute.

Okay, back to the laundry.

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