Friday, May 30, 2008

Life and other oddities

Things are going along here. Mom left last night amidst many tears from all of us. She should be finally arriving home in the next hour. I know she's exhausted from flying all night and missing Ethan (and possibly us as well, but I doubt it). It was so nice to have her here, but it's so hard to watch her say goodbye to the baby.

Daniel and I had a long talk last night about a lot of things. We've gotten in to the bad habit of not focusing on our marriage and have begun to realize the need to make time to make that a priority. And I really need to be nicer to him. I tend to take out my frustrations on him, since, truthfully, I don't really talk to many other adults on a daily basis. He deserves me to be nice to him, and I'm glad that he brought my attention to the problem. God blessed me with an amazing husband, and I need to treat him like the blessing he is.

So, things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Or they will after today and tomorrow. Today I have to dash from work to the gym, to home to finish the laundry/vacuuming/shower/finish packing, before my in-laws arrive at 5 and I get picked up to head to the church women's retreat at 7. We're just staying one night at the retreat instead of the whole weekend, as the other people I am going up with are also new moms who haven't ever left their babies overnight. I think we're probably going to be driving VERY fast on the way home tomorrow night :)

Moving on from all the whining and complaining that I've been doing lately....

So, at my great-aunt's funeral, one of my mom's cousins gave her a CD with PDFs of my great-grandfather's handwritten memoirs. I started reading them on Wednesday and have been having a great time going through them. We were particularly surprised to learn that my great-grandfather was born in Seattle, in an area that he referred to as "Brooklyn". When we went back to some Seattle history books, we learned that that was the old name for the University District, where Ethan was born! So we've kind of come full circle in 5 generations. I spent most of my life in Tennessee, away from the Washington/Oregon area where my family had been for many years. It's been strange and fun and educational to be back on my "native turf" and to find that the places that I've grown to love are places that my ancestors lived or played or worked. I think I come by my love of this place honestly- it's in my blood somehow.

That's the wrap-up from here. Hoping for a good time at the women's retreat tomorrow- I really need to stop putting my spiritual life on the back burner as well, and I need a good kick in the rear to get going again with that!

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