Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had such a nice first Mother's Day today! Ethan woke up early and ended up sleeping in our bed for a few hours- at one point he enjoyed a bottle while lying next to me, and I thought "oh, he gets breakfast in bed". Then an hour later, Daniel woke up and said "I have to go make your breakfast in bed now". Which he did- and it was great. The breakfast came complete with a gift bag containing a gift card for a local salon/spa, which I look forward to using. Daniel had already gotten me pajamas and a wine bottle shaped like a cat for my "fancy wine bottle" collection. So, good job Daniel! He pointed out at one point that I should enjoy good gifts while I can, since things will go downhill once Ethan's old enough to pick gifts out on his own. Very true.

Church was great today too- our pastor had all the moms stand up and he prayed for us all. I can always use more prayer! And we got the good news that a friend of ours who has been fighting breast cancer is cancer-free!!! What a blessing!

We had planned to go to Taco Bell and take our lunch to Green Lake, but it ended up raining today and Ethan fell sound asleep as soon as we got in the car, so we changed plans and drove to IKEA, where we had a nice lunch and bought a bunch of organizational things. As soon as my brother and his wife head home on Tuesday, I have massive projects to begin.

Oh yeah, our visitors- we've been having a nice visit with them. They'll be back from Victoria on Monday afternoon, then head home on Tuesday morning. I've enjoyed having them here, but I'm very ready to get my condo back to just us again- for 2.5 whole weeks before Daniel's parents come to visit...

So, that's the news from here- off to bed now for me. Early morning and busy day at work tomorrow.

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Lizzie said...

I love the photo of Ethan reading. That's just priceless!