Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Empathy for other parents is another thing people tell you before you have a baby, another thing you cant really comprehend. But boy is it true.

I cant even turn on the news this week. The stories of Myanmar and China and the tornadoes in the US... the pictures just overwhelm me. I know there are so many parents out there who have lost their children and whose children are hurt. And then I'm sure there are so many more parents who are scared and worried about keeping their families alive in the desperate situations that they're in. Makes me feel so guilty for whining about things while in my nice home, with my nice, safe, well-fed child.

Our church is praying particularly hard for the people in Myanmar, since we've had church members go and teach there and we have missionaries in the country that we support. We're not even sure if all of them are still alive now- the kids in the orphanages that the church sends money to are okay, but homeless. The bible schools were also destroyed, although, again, the people are fine for now. But now there's another storm heading their way. Please, please be praying for them and all those in other bad situations right now.

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Isabel said...

It is hard to watch the news this week. Or any other week.