Thursday, April 10, 2008


Not much time to post- much cleaning to do before heading to the airport. But, I just had to post to say... I'm wearing a normal bra today! Not a nursing bra! And it's not beige or white (the color of my nursing bras! And it's actually a pretty bra!!!

I never imagined that a normal bra could ever make me so happy. :)


Erin said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the pretty bra! I remember (and look forward) to wearing a pretty bra for the first time since weaning. It is definitely an occasion. I think I told (and offered to show) pretty much everyone I encountered when I wore my first non-nursing bra after weaning Emily.

maggie said...

I REMEMBER THAT DAY. It was divine. It was holy. I was so incredibly wonderfully terrifically THRILLED WITH LIFE. Recently my husband asked me if I could even imagine still nursing (J is 11 months today!) and I was like GOD NO. I mean, I totally bow down before those women, but I swear, 6 months practically killed me. YAY FOR PRETTY BRAS!