Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's Sunday night here- my parents are down in Portland for a few days now. Which means Daniel and I get to sleep in our own room, away from the coughing, cranky baby. Thank goodness. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to survive 6 more nights in his room when Mom and Dad get back.

My parents arrived Thursday afternoon and we've been having a good time since then. They're trying to teach Ethan to crawl, but so far that's not working so well. But poor Ethan has some nasty allergies going on, so he can barely breathe, so moving around is not something he's too interested in.

Friday my parents watched Ethan while I went to work, then we went to Target on Friday afternoon, since Dad forgot his dress pants at home, and didnt want to wear jeans to church. Saturday we got up, loaded ourselves into the car, and went to catch the ferry to Bremerton to have lunch with my grandmother. We arrived in plenty of time, got in line and sat and chatted while we waited. About 5 minutes before the ferry loaded, Daniel went to start the car and found that the battery was dead. A nice lady in the next line tried to get us started, but she had to go catch the ferry herself before we could get everything hooked up. So, Mom and I took Ethan to McDonalds to wait while Daniel and Dad got the car jumpstarted by the Ferry workers. We were soon first in line for the next ferry! We made it to Bremerton eventually and had a lovely lunch with my grandmother. Coming home we had no ferry issues and made it home easily... only to get stuck at an intersection while we were trying to get home... because the Dalai Lami was driving past in his motorcade (many motorcycle policemen, many security agents).

Today we had a nice morning at church and then ate yummy Vietnamese Pho for lunch. Then I actually got to go to the gym!!! And came home and cooked meals for the next two evenings. I went and took a bath while Daniel cooked tonight's dinner, and came out to smell something burning. Daniel didn't smell anything, but when he opened the pot lid, the rice-a-roni was smoking and billows of smoke came out! So we're still working on tonight's dinner- hopefully it'll be ready soon, I'm hungry!!

Yeah, no interesting stuff to talk about today. I'll work on that. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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