Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Really, he does occasionally have other facial expressions

I've recently realized that my son is making pretty much the same face in every photo I've posted of him online- slack-jawed, drooling, staring blankly at the camera. I promise you, he makes lots of other faces, just not when the camera is around. He knows the camera. It has some sort of sedative effect on him. Whenever he sees either my cell phone camera or our regular camera, he stops whatever he's doing, assumes the face described above, and stays still as long as possible. It's fascinating how quickly they learn.

Tonight I freaked Daniel out. He was working from home today, but had to go in to his new job for a few hours to meet up with the outgoing person. By the time he got home, I just needed a break. He's been working from home for over a week, and yesterday he came to work with me to use our phones, since the phones at my office are better than our Vonage or cell phones. I love my husband and baby, but by 6:30 PM tonight, I was done. He was concerned that something was wrong, but I assured him that I just needed to get out by myself, for some other purpose than going to work or the gym. So I went and wandered around Fred Meyer for an hour. Bought wine (got carded!!!!) and pretty new towels for our bathroom (on sale!!) and snacks for our trip to Victoria on Friday.

Then I came home and folded laundry and unloaded the dishwasher. Real life is always just over the horizon.

Anyway, tomorrow is work for me and Daniel both, and he's driving down to Satsop one last time to fill out paperwork and turn in his laptop. His job has been good to him for many years, but I'm so glad he's moving on.

Off to bed for me!

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jennifer said...

Sometimes you really do need a little retail therapy and to just get away!