Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Not only is today Earth Day, it's the third anniversary of mine and Daniel's engagement (thank you for giving in to the inevitable, sweetie!) and my brother and sister-in-law's second wedding anniversary. Yes, my parents had the weddings of both of their kids in the space of less than 8 weeks, after despairing of ever getting either of us married off.

So, Earth Day... so far I'm failing you a bit. Since my parents just left (wrap-up post will come later, when the baby is napping and I'm caught up on work), I've actually been doing lots of laundry and running the dishwasher. But I'm trying to cut down on how many loads I wash, and the dishwasher is on the eco setting, so that's something! And I cleaned the bathroom with my beloved Method products, which are much healthier for our home environment and our big environment.

What's being green for me? I recycle, try (and usually fail) to remember to take my bags to the store instead of using paper/plastic, feed my baby organic food and try to feed myself mostly the same, take the bus or walk instead of driving when I can. Simple things. I believe in those things. But, as an environmental toxicologist, I get frustrated by some of the things I see being done in the name of being more green or more healthy. Things like banning a substance when there is no science that shows any risk to humans and even less science proving that the alternatives are any healthier than what is being banned. I get frustrated when I spend years of my professional life studying something, something I believe in and stand behind 100%, only to watch public hysteria over nothing make my work the scientific equivalent of whispering into a tornado. That kind of green I struggle with. But it keeps me employed, so I shouldn't fuss too much about it. :)

The piles of laundry are calling. I'd better go answer before they fall over and we lose a cat or two under all the sheets and towels.

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