Sunday, April 6, 2008

And another weekend draws to a close

So, let's see. Catching up since my last post.

Took Ethan to the doctor on Thursday. I knew he was pretty much fine, so tried to mention that as many times as possible when we got to the doctor. I also tried to say repeatedly that I was mainly bringing him in since we were going to Canada on Friday morning and I didn't want to be at the mercy of an unknown medical system. I'm glad I did, as the doctor looked at his ears and listened to his lungs and pronounced it all as a cold that was almost gone. She was more concerned about the 6 poopy diapers per day for the last week. Fortunately, that seems to be better now too. Maybe we can all actually stay well now for a few days.

And in other news, it looks like I wont be nursing much longer. Since Ethan and I both got sick at the same time, my supply has dropped massively and doesn't seem to be returning. And Ethan LOVES his bottles. He can chew on them and move them and do all sorts of things that I object to when the food source is attached to my chest. We made it 8 months, so I'm fairly happy with that. I'm going to try to keep up with morning and late night feedings for a while, and will probably continue to pump at work, but I think that we're going to be moving to all formula in our very near future.

So, Victoria was great. We had a fun trip up on the Clipper. Daniel, my sweet, friendly husband, made friends with the husband in the couple sitting next to us. And we had a good time running around the city and staying in the Fairmont Empress. We had a lovely room with plenty of space for the baby. And, Daniel had mentioned that we were up there to celebrate my birthday, and there was a great set of chocolates and tea in our room. How fun! We were in our room from 5 PM Friday night to 11 AM Saturday morning (yeah. we're wild and crazy), and it was a great place to be located. Saturday we went to the Royal BC Museum and enjoyed the exhibits, then got take-out food and headed back to the Clipper. It's going to be hard to adjust when Ethan's older, as we were the first people (out of 300) on the boat both directions, since we got priority boarding. And our new friends sat next to us again on the way back, which was fun.

Now it's back to work for me, and to a new job for Daniel. And much to do this week, as my parents arrive Thursday for a 2 week visit. They're going to Portland for a few days, but it's still going to be 9 days/nights with 4 adults and 1 baby in a 900 square foot condo. Who would like to start the collection for the chocolate that will need to be purchased to help me recover? Anyone?

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Karen said...

Dude, take major advantage of grandma in the condo.

Happy belated birthday!