Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where to begin

The weekend was as busy as promised. Beginning with the UNBELIEVABLY stupid outing to Walmart. The day before Easter. I was practically hyperventilating by the time we got out of there, due to the crowds and the pushing and the insanity of it all. I dont do crowds or touching, so it was hell on earth for me. This is why I only go to Walmart once or twice a year. Easter itself was nice, even though it was pouring down rain. The church service was good, and I got to eat lots of candy. I'm still coming down off my candy-high. The family birthday party on Sunday night was also a success. My cousin turned 2 and was so excited to have presents and people singing to him.

Then on Monday, we got some great news- my husband got a new job! He actually ended up with two offers last week, and on Monday finalized things with one of the companies. It's going to be a fairly significant paycut since he's changing directions in the type of work he'll be doing, but it's still in downtown Seattle, and he really likes the people and the attitude of the company. Last night he gave notice at his old company, while I danced around with joy. His current company has been a good one for most of the 8 years that he's been there, but lately things have been pretty awful and incredibly stressful. So the combination of a stressful job and looking for a new job for hours every evening has been a strain on our family and our marriage. I'm so glad that we're done with that.

Now we just have to figure out how to deal with a baby who will not sleep. He screams whenever we attempt to make him nap or go to bed at night. Yesterday he napped for 39 minutes. Total. All day. And that was after being up until 2:30 AM the night before. He actually goes down pretty well at 6:30 or 7 at night, then wakes up at 10 or 11 and is up for hours. And is grouchy. I want my nice, sweet baby back.

Easter pictures!

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