Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As I've mentioned, my co-workers from the Boston office have been out here for the conference this week. And they've all been surprised by the weather. They were expecting warm and rainy, but we delivered cold and sunny. By today they were all saying things like "it's so nice here!" and "why are you guys always complaining about the rain and grey skies, it's so sunny!". And they almost escaped with their little delusions intact. But now we're in the middle of what looks like some sort of monsoon. All the rain that people have been predicting for all week is falling right now. Whoops.

I made it through the three days of the conference- saw all my current and former coworkers and bosses, listened to some interesting talks, got lots of free pens, etc. And learned that it's really hard for 70-year old male scientists to take women in their 20s and 30s seriously as colleagues. They are trying, I'm sure. But I got talked down to more times this week than in the past decade. I can't really blame them, as I'm probably the same age as some of their grandkids. But it's hard to adjust to, when you get used to life as a semi-liberated female.

I joyfully picked Ethan up this afternoon at daycare and went home, rejoicing in the fact that I don't work again until next Monday and get to actually see my baby in the next few days. We walked in the door, and I left everything on the counter and floor and went to sit with him on the couch. He looked at me, smiled, and then projectile vomited all over me and himself and the couch. 4 times. I just sat and dripped and waited for it to be over. Then I cleaned up and called the doctor, since I realized that he's also had really runny diapers lately (which I've chalked up to teething, but in combination with the vomiting is a little worrisome). So now we're doing Pedialyte and lots of nursing and lots of sleep, and hoping for a quick recovery. Poor little guy. He looked so confused by the vomiting. I felt so bad for him. Nauseated by the smell of the vomit, but bad for him still.

And things in my husband's life are still complicated. We have decisions to make. I don't want to make decisions. Who has that kid of energy! More details will be posted here eventually. But it's not my stuff to talk about right now, so I have to wait.

Okey doke. I need to go cook dinner and be a good wife, since I've been off being a toxicologist for the past 4 days and have neglected the wife/mother end of things.

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carrie said...

"I just sat and dripped and waited for it all to be over."

That, my friend is the motherly wisdom that so many aspire to. If I had one shred of that sense with my first, I would have saved myself so many changes of clothes!

Hope he feels better soon!