Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have to say, I'm still loving this every-other day work thing. Yesterday I actually got dressed, rode the bus downtown, walked into my downtown high rise building, and sat at my desk in my nice quiet office and worked. And it was wonderful. Pumping in the office was really strange though. Never in my days at work did I imagine ever sitting in my office with my top up and bra down, trying to type emails with one hand while attached to a small version of a cow milking machine. Never.

Today's a home day, so Ethan and I are taking things easy right now. I think we'll probably head to Fred Meyer later to get a new battery in my watch. I havent worn it in ages, because I have no need of a watch at home, but I think it might come in handy at work.

Then, tonight we're headed to be guest speakers at the parenting class at the UW. They have parents who have gone through the class come back 6 months later and answer questions. It's really too bad they didn't get us to come back a few months ago, we were much less overwhelmed then. But hopefully we'll be able to balance answering questions honestly, and also manage to share the joy and fun that Ethan has brought to our lives. Because he is a blessing and a lot of fun, even though he's also a lot of work.

So, I'll close with a fun photo from last night. Our younger cat usually sits on top of our older one, so this seating arrangement was unusual.

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