Thursday, March 13, 2008

The sleep deprivation is getting to me

We almost have a first tooth here! Hurray! Ethan's been pretty grouchy this week, so I yesterday I checked out the tooth situation, and found that his first tooth is lurking just below the surface. I think it's part of the way out this morning. He's growing up so fast!

But this means that we're getting very very little sleep here these days. Last night Daniel and I slept in the baby's room, to cut out the time that we would spend walking from our room to his in the middle of the night. The alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, since Daniel had to drive to his company's main office, and get there by 8. So, at 5:40 he finally got out of bed and went to our room, presumably to take a shower and get dressed. 5 minutes later I went into our room to get my water bottle, and found him sleeping on our bed. Apparently, when he was a kid, his mom would find him sleeping in the bathtub in the mornings, instead of getting ready for school. :)

My sleep deprivation is being manifested in other ways. Apparently I think I have enough free time to host a party. I totally love this site: Mommy Needs a Cocktail and her shirts. And now she's having parties in a box, and I want to host one. Anyone in Seattle interested in coming over? She has lots of "non-alcoholic" shirts too, for you non-drinkers. I need to think this all through...just as soon as my brain starts functioning again.

Did I mention that I have to go to a client dinner on Tuesday night? Which starts at 8:15? I haven't been awake that late in weeks. I already warned my coworkers to not let me sit next to important clients. I need to catch up on world events too, so should I stay awake enough to converse, I can talk about something other than teething and poop.

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the calm before the stork said...

I say phooey to world events. More people should revel in the conversational glory that is poop.

I'm so sleep deprived today, I can't even comment coherently!

I'm with you on not getting out after 8pm anymore. ever. sigh.

Good luck at your event!