Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scaring the pregnant people

We went back to the hospital where Ethan was born last night to be guest speakers at the Preparing for Parenthood class. Our part of the session started at 8, so by the time we got there, the pregnant women were all about an hour past their bedtime and were looking thoroughly sick of sitting in the not-so-comfortable chairs. I feel your pain ladies, many many hours of my life were spent in the lobby of the clinic at UW.

So, Ethan was in a totally mellow mood when we arrived. He wasn't the scary one. We were. Because having an almost-7 month old baby is a lot of work. Way more work than, say, a 4 month old. They should really have people come to the class then. When they're out of that scary first 6 weeks and sleep is going well and nursing is going well and the baby still isn't mobile and the mom might still be home from work and therefore getting some sleep. We were much more cheerful when Ethan was 4 months old. I think we even thought things like "this is pretty easy!" "maybe we could go through having another baby." But no, they dont ask the delusional, but happy parents of 4 month olds come speak. They have people with 6 month olds come visit. The ones who again are sleep deprived and have given up the fight of trying to actually find a shirt that doesn't have baby spitup on it when they go out in public.

And when they ask you questions like "how did you deal with the issues of your identity and discouragement and tiredness", your only answer is "I haven't." Yeah, that's going to be encouraging. We tried to be positive though, because Ethan is a fun baby. And he cooperated by sitting on my lap and looking cute, then falling asleep in his stroller all by himself with no crying and no help from me. Have I mentioned that I have the easiest baby on the planet? We also tried to lighten the mood by sharing stories of projectile poop. No one warned us about that, so we felt that we should warn future parents.

One couple did ask me a few questions after the class about my return to work and things like that. They seemed to be pretty balanced about things and as prepared as one can be. Another couple came up and talked to Daniel and was asking him questions about the food at the hospital. People, you're having a baby in 3 weeks. The quality of hospital food (poor, by the way) should NOT be your major concern right now. Really.

Okay, and speaking of other parents- I have a bone to pick with some of my fellow bloggers. I read your blogs, follow your stories of life as moms. And I'm always impressed by your maturity in handling situations. And I think "oh, when I get to be so-and-so's age, I'll have developed that kind of maturity and perspective." Then that person later goes and mentions their age, and inevitably, she's younger than me. This has happened multiple times. Which means I actually should be behaving like a mature adult and exhibiting adult perspectives on life. AND I DONT WANT TO. So quit it, please!!! :)

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The Tacheny's said...

Oh Carrie - you are so funny!!!
and Im older than you, so read my blog with NO Worries!!! :)