Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our new phone number

No, I'm not posting with my new phone number. Mostly because I dont know what it is.

My husband is going to be working from home soon, since the Seattle branch of his company is shutting down. So we got a Vonage phone number for him to use for business. And boy have we been getting some interesting phone messages! Apparently the person who had this number before us is ill with something and hasnt paid any bills in a long time. We've been getting phone calls from bill collectors and hospitals and all sorts of scary sounding people. It's actually pretty entertaining!

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BJ said...

Oh my goodness, this happened to us when we first moved to our new home in '06. What a pain! But yes, interesting as well. The weird thing was, I guess several people had this phone number at different times, because I'm sure we've had phone calls for at least three different names. Weird!