Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good aspects of having a husband for whom English is a second language

1) He is sitting next to me, with my arm on top of his while I type a post about him, and, if I type fast enough, he will not notice that I am talking about him.
2) I always, ALWAYS win at scrabble, boggle, and any other game involving English words.
3) In theory, our baby should learn foreign languages easier since he hears them (on occasion) from his dad and one set of grandparents.

I'm out of reasons. But #1 still holds. Seriously, he doesn't even look up from his computer to see if I'm writing about him. I would be so totally looking over his shoulder if I was him. He apparently "trusts me" or something. Actually, he's trying to import his Outlook contact list to hotmail so that we can hunt down all his friends on Facebook. I win! I got him hooked on Facebook! He's feeling sad that his only friends are me and my relatives, so he's trying to find his own friends. But his friends are in their 40s, and there aren't as many of them. Hopefully he'll find some though.

It's been a killer week here. I've not seen my baby with any expression on his face other than sleep or screaming. Those are apparently our only two options. I really hope that there is another tooth looming and that peace is in our future. I miss my nice, happy, cute Ethan. More than I ever imagined. I nursed him at 4 AM, then left for work at 6 before he woke up. By the time I picked him up at 3 PM at daycare, he was grouchy again. I want a nice snuggle with my baby. Or a hug. Anything. Hoping for a good day tomorrow.

That's all from here. I need to get some rest, as tomorrow is the second day of Daniel working from home while Ethan screams. We're all having so much fun!!

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