Friday, March 7, 2008


Is that even the appropriate conjugation of "to dither"? I have no idea. I'm going to use it anyway.

So, much dithering this morning. Ethan's had a little cold, nothing serious, no fever, for ages now. And yesterday he started coughing. Again, nothing serious, but it's still a cough. Last night I woke up every time he coughed, wondering if he was okay, and trying to figure out whether or not to send him to daycare today. I changed my mind approximately 1,000,423 times. I had plans for today- I'm actually a little bit ahead on my work hours for the week, so I was going to go work out at the gym. But not just the gym, the fancy downtown branch of my gym that I haven't gone to in 7 months. And I was going to go to the ATM and pick up money instead of making my husband do it. And after all, it's just a little cough, right? There's no reason he can't go to daycare. None.

You get one guess where Ethan is right now. Mommy guilt wins again. I got up and drove in to the office this morning to pick up my pump and the papers I was working on. I'm not spending 3 days with my home pump. It is less than impressive, to say the least. So now I'm working from home and Ethan's napping in his crib. Hopefully he'll wake up with less coughing going on. We're planning to drive up to Vancouver tomorrow to spend the night with Daniel's parents. I don't want to be responsible for infecting Canada with cold germs, so a full recovery must be made swiftly. I'm trying to figure out how to fit a trip to the gym in before we leave, since my eating habits have been less than stellar lately, and I desperately need some exercise.

Life as a mom is rather unpredictable, isn't it? Understatement of the year, I know. :)

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Anonymous said...

We've been suffering through the same runny nose, cough, etc. and the other day I bought a cool mist humidifier and my son is now all clear. I felt like an idiot for not trying it sooner. It could be that he just got over it but I am attributing to the humidifier. I totally understand the whole mom guilt thing! I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing! ~ Amanda