Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You mean it's not Tuesday?

I really thought it was Tuesday today. But I'm working, and I dont work on Tuesdays, so I should have known better. Dang, this week is going fast!

Thanks for your comments on the whole feeding thing. I need to get over doing what the books say is "right" and just go with what works for us. I know that. Really. Sort of.

Daniel and I had another "discussion" last night about daycare/work/scheduling who will pick up, drop off the baby. Mostly planning for next month, since this month I'm working at home. Since the majority of my coworkers are in Boston, it makes sense for me to try to work East Coast hours, and leave early in the morning after Ethan's first feeding and then get off work mid-afternoon. But, truthfully, I have very little confidence in my beloved's abilities to get himself up and dressed and the baby up and dressed and fed with solid foods, and get everyone to daycare/work by 9 AM. Hopefully if we prepare enough the night before, we'll be fine. I hope. I need to stop worrying about this and just see how things go. Since it isnt even an issue yet. I think I just needed somewhere to project my stress last night, and it landed on Daniel. I've got to quit doing that too.

I ate my way through watching Biggest Loser again last night. That show is making me fat.

So, baby is napping right now. I'm always shocked when naptime actually happens. I put him down in his crib since it was a few hours since he got up this morning, and didnt really think he'd fall asleep. But he did. Which was surprising, but lovely. Hopefully he'll get a nap in at daycare too. I'm taking one of his toys to daycare today, and maybe that will make him feel more safe in his daycare crib. I just dont think that I can stand it if he's crying again when I pick him up this afternoon.

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Karen said...

Aw, I would feel sad too.

I say let Daniel have a few sink or swim moments in the morning. I bet he'll rise to the challenge. :)