Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you, Comcast

Since Comcast was nice enough to respond to my ranting blog earlier this week, I thought I'd better write and say thank you. Daniel finally got things taken care of yesterday, and we've been promised a refund for the overcharge last month. We haven't made a decision yet about whether we're going to reinstate cable in the near future- I change my mind daily about it. I miss having all the fun channels, especially HGTV and TLC, but I am watching a lot less TV, which is much better for my productivity. So, we'll see. But, thank you for reading my complaint before and responding so promptly.

Just got home from my church mom's group and caught up with my blog reading. Just one other mom and I there today, but the group was such a blessing, as always. In my busy life, I need someone to pick me up every so often and turn me back toward Christ. Sadly, I lose focus way too quickly these days.

Our big prayer request at the group today was for our husbands' safety. Daniel and four of his friends are driving over the mountain pass tomorrow and snowmobiling on Saturday. One of the husbands has an 8.5 month pregnant wife, and all of the others have babies under a year old. So all of us wives are a little nervous. But they really need the time away, so we're letting them go and praying that they'll stay safe and have a wonderful time.

Ethan's napping now, but hopefully he'll wake up soon- we need to go out in the sunshine. I love the nice weather, but there is a bit of pressure to soak up as much of it as possible, since this is a very temporary break in the weather and we'll be back to drizzle and grey skies very soon. Today is lovely again though. It's so nice to have sun coming through the windows.

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ComcastCares said...

Well I want you to have a good experience. If you decide to increase your services, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure it is a good experience for you!

Take care of that beautiful little one! Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

Frank Eliason
Comcast Executive Offices