Monday, February 11, 2008


Too tired to form a coherent blog entry, so here are my random comments.

1. Talking to our very nice, very helpful financial advisor is exhausting. I dont want to make decisions. That's why I pay someone to help out. I just want to have enough money to not have to eat cat food when I'm 70. I do not have the brain power left at 7 PM to understand the benefits/drawbacks of mutual funds/foreign investments/stocks/shoeboxes under the bed. Thank you for having mercy on me and just making a recommendation.

2. I get to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 in 9 minutes, which will make me feel SO much better about my own life.

3. I really miss my baby when he's at daycare, but it is nice to be able to get work done without many interruptions.

4. Wondering if the cats are going to get into the crib now that we've removed the crib tent. But so glad to not have the stupid tent up anymore, because I did not like how it looks.

5. I'm wishing the No Pudge brownies in the oven would bake faster. I'm hungry.

6. I also wish that the spell check on blogger would start working again, because when I type I tend to leave out punctuation, and I count on the spell check to fix that.

7. I am going to the gym tomorrow morning, but it's been 2 days already since I washed my hair and I just dont think I can make it another 10 hours.

8. If you look up my name on, it finds me, with one of my publications, and lists me as "world scientist". I get a kick out of that. Makes me feel cool.

Ooh, brownies are done. Gotta run.

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JCK said...

You must have a Trader Joe's! I recognize those No Pudge Brownies...YUM!

Very cool on the World Scientist item. I'll go check it out.

And I am SO with you on the spell check!! Just WHAT is the deal?? I haven't seen blogger post anything about fixing it - or recognizing that it has been a problem for 2 weeks!

Thanks so much for popping over to my blog and commenting! Congrats on your beautiful baby.